The 8 Best Cybersecurity Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021

The 9 Best Cybersecurity Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best cybersecurity courses on Udemy to consider if you’re looking to grow your skills.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the best cybersecurity courses on Udemy if you’re looking to grow your cybersecurity skills for work or play. Udemy is one of the top online education platforms in the world with more than 130,000 courses, expert instruction, and lifetime access that allows you to learn on your own schedule. As you can see below, we included the best cybersecurity courses on Udemy across a range of proficiency levels. Click GO TO TRAINING to learn more and register.

The 8 Best Cybersecurity Courses on Udemy to Consider for 2021 

Note: We included courses with a rating of 4 Stars or better, derived from at least 100 student reviews.  

Course Title: The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!

Our Take: Nathan House has over 24 years of experience in cybersecurity and is the CEO of Station X, a cybersecurity consultancy. 

Description: Learn a practical skill-set in defeating all online threats, including – advanced hackers, trackers, malware, zero-days, exploit kits, cyber-criminals, and more. Become a Cyber Security Specialist – Go from a beginner to advanced in this easy-to-follow expert course. Covering all major platforms – Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux. This course covers the fundamental building blocks of your required skill set – You will understand the threat and vulnerability landscape through threat modeling and risk assessments. We explore the Darknet and mindset of the cyber-criminal. Covering malware, exploit kits, phishing, zero-day vulnerabilities, and much more. You will learn about the global tracking and hacking infrastructures that nation-states run.

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Course Title: The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2021 – Part 1

Our Take: Instructor Alexander Oni is a highly experienced teacher and course leader, specializing in web development and the basics of cybersecurity. 

Description: In the very first section, we will cover the basic terminologies used and discuss topics like the trinity of IT security and computer protocols. In section 2, we will explore the world of hackers and the hacking methodology. We will take a look at the different types of hackers and how they actually hack. Section 3 will introduce you to the various ways how cyber-criminals and hackers attack systems and networks. You will learn about the most popular forms of attacks such as Phishing, Brute Force Attack, DoS & DDoS Attacks, Bots and Botnets, and much more. We will then move on to cover everything about malware. You will learn the various forms of malware such as viruses, worms and trojans and how they differ from one another. In section 4, you will learn about the methods employed by cybersecurity professionals to protect systems and networks from cyber-attacks. 

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Course Title: Risk Management for Cybersecurity and IT Managers

Our Take: Jason Dion is a former college professor and the lead instructor at Dion Training Solutions. He has multiple information technology professional certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Description: You will learn the terms used by executives and managers in discussing Risk Management, and how to apply the concepts of Risk Management to your networks, systems, and projects. This course is not an operational or tactical course that focuses on how you will secure your networks, but instead focuses on the mindset of managers and teaches you how to think like they do. Once you master these concepts, it is much easier to build your business case for your projects and justify your budgetary needs. Throughout this course, we will discuss what comprises Risk (assets, threats, and vulnerabilities), providing numerous real-world examples along the way. We will also cover Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Measurements, showing how you can calculate the risk of an uncertainty due to vulnerabilities and threats.

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Course Title: The Complete Cyber Security Course : End Point Protection!

Our Take: Nathan House, in addition to other credentials, is also highly certified in, inclduing CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). 

Description: Learn a practical skill-set in securing laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from all types of threats, including, advanced hackers, trackers, exploit kits, thieves, and much more. On this course we cover end-point-protection, which is an extremely important and hot topic in cybersecurity right now! Become a cybersecurity specialist – Go from a beginner to advanced in this easy to follow expert course. Covering all the major platforms Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android. Master the selection and implementation of solid disk encryption technology to protect devices from disk decryption attacks. Understand the current and next-generation anti-virus solutions, how they work, how to select the best products, and how to implement them successfully. Covering traditional end-point-protection technologies through to next generation and future technology; application control, execution prevention, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. 

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Course: Cyber Security Incident Handling and Response

Our Take: Mohammad Adly has a Ph.D, has multiple certifications in cybersecurity, and has been published multiple times. He’s more than qualified to lead this course. 

Description: This course covers the six phases of incident handling and responding as follows:

0- Introduction: Includes the definition of an event, incident, as well as the difference between them

1- Preparation Phase: Shows the elements of preparation and the team building, 

2- Identification Phase:  Demonstrates where identification occurs and the assessment for identification

3- Containment: Explains the deployment and categorization needed as well as the short/long- term actions taken

4- Eradication: Stresses on restoring systems and improving defenses

5- Recovery: Elaborates the validation and monitoring required for attacked systems

6- Lessons Learned: Confirms the importance of meeting as a team to fix and improve and to share our experiences with others

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Course: Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Our Take: Rassoul Zadeh has been an IT and Security expert since 1999, and a published author on cybersecurity and identity management. 

Description: Identity and Access Management is a fundamental and critical cybersecurity capability, to ensure the right people and things have the right access to the right resources at the right time. In this course, you will learn about different components of Identity and Access Management, security considerations, and some labs and examples.

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Course: Identity Access Management & Security Assessment and Testing

Our Take: The CISSP Educator offers high quality cybersecurity courses aimed at teaching students cybersecurity knowledge. They possess a sterling reputation among course instructors. 

Description: Welcome to this course: CISSP Certification Domain 5 & 6: Identity and Access Management & Security Assessment and Testing. Access is one of the most exploited aspects of security because it is the gateway that leads to critical assets. This course covers provisioning and managing identities, and the access used in the interaction between humans and information systems. Access controls need to be applied in a layered defense-in-depth method, and an understanding of how these controls are exploited is extremely important. The core concepts of identification, authentication, authorization, and accountability are covered in detail here. In this course, we will explore access control conceptually and then dig into the technologies the industry puts in place to enforce these concepts. We will also look at the common methods the bad guys use to attack these technologies. This course also covers some of the most important elements of security assessments and testing. It is divided into five sections. 

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Course: Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees

Description: This security awareness training course will not only give you the “what” to look out for, but also the “why” and how the “what” works. After taking this course you’ll be armed with knowledge on how to better protect yourself and your organization from threats. Surprisingly, the biggest change will probably not be to start doing, but rather to stop doing. You’ll be surprised to how some of your behavior is super risky, even without you realize you were doing it. And the best part is, I won’t twist your arm or shame you into changing. I sincerely want you to succeed so there’s no victim shaming here. I believe there’s a better way to change your behavior than vehemently shove security terms and nerd speak down your throat.

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