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The Solutions Review First-Ever IAM Insight Jam Recap

The Solutions Review First-Ever IAM Insight Jam Recap

The Solutions Review First-Ever IAM Insight Jam Recap

Here it is! The IAM Insight Jam Recap! Solutions Review’s first annual IAM Insight Jam was a massive success. Participants spanned from IAM vendors, industry analysts, and enterprise resource planning practitioners across the world; all of them shared their favorite tips and tricks for IAM solutions. Many of these participants also submitted short video clips! You can check it out under the #IAMInsightJam hashtag.

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The conversations proved incredibly informed and excellent. Everyone who submitted insights, whether it be via video format or otherwise, offered invaluable ideas and really helped out those looking at IAM solutions now and for the future. A few of our favorite comments and tweets from the day are featured here:

IAM Insight Jam Recap: What You Need to Remember 

This IAM Insight Jam Recap reveals both the dangers lurking in enterprise networks and the potential for evolution in identity and access management. As just one example, the cloud promises both unique challenges to enterprise IT security teams as well as distinct possibilities for securing users. Overall, the point stands; enterprises can’t rely on the conventional wisdom that informed their IAM strategies in the past.

Single-factor authentication models, such as passwords, are dying out, and for very good reason. Now, enterprises will need to seek out multifactor authentication, continuous authentication, and biometric authentication to keep users safe. Moreover, they need to consider the methods and philosophy by which they distribute and maintain permissions. After all, users can accumulate permissions far beyond their normal roles; you need the right tools to prevent them from transforming into bloated targets.

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