Thycotic and Centrify Merge into ThycoticCentrify

Thycotic and Centrify Merge into ThycoticCentrify

Thycotic and Centrify recently announced completing a previously-announced merger between the two privileged access management providers. Operating under the temporary name ThycoticCentrify, the new company is beginning its product and capability integrations as part of its goal to provide an extensive platform in cloud privileged identity security. 

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ThycoticCentrify is a cloud identity security vendor, enabling digital transformation at scale. Its privileged access management (PAM) solutions reduce risk, complexity, and cost while securing organizations’ data, devices, and code across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. 

The new cybersecurity provider expects to debut a new brand in the second half of 2021. A press release describing the finalization of the merger notes the focus on deployment speed and PAM-as-a-Service offerings as it looks to carve a new identity for itself in the market; it especially focuses on the challenges to privileged users in the cloud, exacerbated by the pandemic and mass work-from-home policies. 

Art Gilliland, CEO of ThycoticCentrify, shared his thoughts on the finalization of the merger. “The accelerated use of cloud services has skyrocketed in recent years, and we believe ThycoticCentrify is uniquely qualified to meet the evolving identity security needs across all industries. Our combined organization will deliver comprehensive PAM solutions built in the cloud, for the cloud that our customers require to enable their business transformation.”

Learn more about Thycotic and Centrify here. 

Ben Canner