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[VIDEO] Solutions Review Explores: What is Biometric Authentication?

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[VIDEO] Solutions Review Explores: What is Biometric Authentication?

The editors of Solutions Review proudly announce the latest episode of Solutions Review Explores! This video series dives into the most critical categories and nuances of enterprise technology. In this episode, Jonathan Paula answers a critical question: what is biometric authentication? Why does it matter to your identity security? Why is it such an incredible innovation in cybersecurity? 

You can watch our deep dive into the question what is biometric authentication in our latest video—appropriately titled “What is Biometric Authentication?”—here

Cybersecurity experts agree identity must form the basis of your digital perimeter. Indeed, the vast majority of data breaches begin with compromised credentials, both privileged and otherwise. Thus fortifying your authentication should become a top priority, and biometrics can help.   

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So What is Biometric Authentication? 

We don’t want to give away too much about the video—you should check it out at our YouTube channel. However, we do want to develop a critical theme in modern identity and access management: the inadequacy of passwords. 

Usually, hackers do not face any difficulties in cracking or guessing passwords. Basic password-cracking tools are widely available on the Deep Web; the most novice hackers can obtain such tools for their schemes. Even without those tools, phishing attacks and social engineering easily reveal passwords or security information like maiden names.

Moreover, the cascade of data breaches increasingly makes passwords more vulnerable to exposure and exploitation. Additionally, users tend to repeat their passwords, which facilitates credential stuffing attacks in the long term. Finally, users often use frustratingly simple passwords (including “password”) which prove trivial to hackers and their attacks. 

That’s where biometrics come in, but to say any more would be spoiling. 

You can watch the full “What is Biometric Authentication?” video here. Also, you can learn more about in 2019 Biometric Authentication Buyer’s Guide. Make sure you also check out our full YouTube channel for more exclusive enterprise technology content!

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