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[VIDEO]: What is IGA (Identity Governance and Administration)?

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[VIDEO]: What is IGA (Identity Governance and Administration)?

The editors of Solutions Review proudly announce the latest episode of Solutions Review Explores! This video series dives into the most critical categories and nuances of enterprise technology. In this episode, Jonathan Paula answers a critical question: What is IGA (Identity Governance and Administration? Why is identity governance and administration so vital to your identity and access management? How can it benefit your cybersecurity and business workflows? 

You can watch our video deep dive into the question “What is IGA (Identity Governance and Administration)?” here. 

IGA remains one of the most neglected and misunderstood branches of identity and access management. However, your enterprise must consider it a critical aspect of your preventative cybersecurity; it provides your IT security team with valuable insights into your users’ privileges and permissions. Here’s why. 

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So What is IGA (Identity Governance and Administration)? 

We don’t want to give away too much about the video or its contents—you should check it out on our Youtube channel. Yet we do want to explore one of the key dangers IGA works to prevent: access creep.

Access creep can occur in numerous ways. For example, a user may receive temporary permissions to fulfill a short-term project. However, without identity governance and administration, your IT security team won’t have control over those permissions. In fact, they may lack the visibility to even register the user possesses those permissions. So the user slowly accumulates more and more privileges, turning their credentials into a bloated target. 

Both hackers and insider threats can use unmonitored privileges and credentials with access creep to conduct their attacks without challenge; after all, it offers them more unrestricted powers on your enterprise network and fewer movement constraints. 

Identity governance gives your enterprise insights into your users’ permissions and gives your team the power to remove unneeded permissions. 

You can watch the full “What is IGA (Identity Governance and Administration)?” video here. Also, you can check out our Identity Governance and Administration Buyer’s Guide. Be sure to check out our Solutions Review YouTube channel for more exclusive enterprise technology content!

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