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Why Did Gartner Retire the IGA Magic Quadrant?

Findings: 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management

Why Did Gartner Retire the IGA Magic Quadrant?

Why did Gartner retire the identity governance and administration (IGA) Magic Quadrant report? 

In the course of our regular research, Solutions Review learned Gartner decided to retire its IGA Magic Quadrant. Additionally, the technology research giant chose to retire the companion “Critical Capabilities” report. However, Gartner did not release an accompanying press release about why it made such a consequential decision. This leads us to speculation as to the reasons why.

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Why Did Gartner Retire the IGA Magic Quadrant? 

It may benefit us to look at the reasons Gartner chooses to retire Magic Quadrant reports. According to its own research methodology, the Magic Quadrant reports best capture markets in the midst of growth; they look to major innovations and changes in industry dynamics to inform the reports. However, such emphasis means that the MQ reports do not easily capture mature markets.

Other factors in choosing to retire MQ reports may include slow market growth rates, little differentiation between vendors, and a low number of new entrants into the market. 

In their decision to retire the IGA Magic Quadrant, the market’s maturity may have influenced Gartner. In fact, they noted the maturity of the market in our analysis of the last IGA MQ report. Also, they noted the same maturity in the companion Critical Capabilities. 

Interestingly, Gartner helped to codify and popularize the IGA market in 2013 when it first created an MQ report around it. 

With that established, let’s answer other pressing questions. 

Why Hasn’t Gartner Released a Statement?

We can think of a few reasons why Gartner may choose to hold on making a statement. First, the coronavirus outbreak continues to take up a lot of national and global attention; releasing a statement now would probably see it buried in the flood of other conversations. 

Second, Gartner may want to wait until they release a 2020 IGA Market Guide before they speak to why they chose to retire the IGA Magic Quadrant. 

Third, they may also wait until the release of the Access Management Magic Quadrant before they make any official announcement. Gartner chose to fold its previous IDaaS Magic Quadrant into its Access Management MQ report and may do so for IGA as well. 

We will continue to report on this as news develops.

Will They Ever Update or Revive the IGA Magic Quadrant? 

Probably not anytime in the near future. After that, it’s beyond our ability to speculate.  

Will Gartner Release a Market Guide for IGA? 

Probably. Market Guides allow Gartner to discuss and explore more mature markets, and they have precedent to do so here. 

Does This Mean the End of Identity Governance and Administration? 

Absolutely not. Magic Quadrants report on market trends and innovations. They don’t prove or disprove the vitality of a particular technology market. In fact, IGA solutions continue to grow and attract enterprises, especially as more companies realize what they can offer. 

In conclusion, you can learn more about IGA in our Identity Governance and Administration Buyer’s Guide. Also, check out our Solutions Suggestion Engine

Note: The editors of Solutions Review do not possess inside knowledge of Gartner’s decision-making or decision-makers. This article is based on opinions and observations, all of which are strictly Solution Reviews’. We do not represent or reflect the opinion of Gartner or any of its affiliates or researchers.

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