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Why IGA? An Excerpt From The Identity Governance and Administration Buyer’s Guide

identity governance and administration

2018 marks the first year of Solutions Review’s Identity Governance and Administration Buyer’s Guide. We feel that identity governance is becoming an essential aspect of enterprise identity and access management. Here is an excerpt from the guide:    

IAM Solution Suggestion Engine

Identity Management appears simple on the surface. Make sure users are who they say they are. Make sure they only have access to the data they need for their job. Remove permissions that employees (or ex-employees, as the case may be) shouldn’t have. Even with the stakes constantly rising in identity management, with the proliferation of accounts increasing daily, and with the distinction between the digital and the real blurring more and more, the principles of identity seem uncomplicated.

Yet this simplicity vanishes as your enterprise scales up. The more people employed by or associated with your business, the more identities your organization must store and protect. A small businesses may have to worry about no more than ten employees’ identities; your enterprise may have to manage hundreds or thousands. Without assistance or preparation, your IT department will swiftly be overwhelmed.

Additionally, as your enterprise grows, your government and industry compliance and reporting obligations grow with it. Your enterprise will need to show that it is handling all of its identities properly, and failure to comply can result in hefty fines and a dent in your enterprise’s reputation—which can harm your bottom line even more.

So how do you manage all of your enterprises’ identities accurately? How do you stay in compliance with tighter regulatory mandates while staying competitive? And how do you keep your cybersecurity professionals above water?

This is where Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions come in. These are specially designed to help IT departments automate their workflows, manage permissions effectively, and stay in compliance with thorough reporting. IGA solutions are designed to scale with your enterprise so that you never feel constrained by their operations. But no two IGA solutions are identical. Each is designed uniquely with its own strengths and weakness. Determining which one is right for you is no mean feat.

To read more, download our free 2018 Identity Governance and Administration Buyer’s Guide, available here.

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