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10 Enterprise Mobility Threats to Prep For

It seems that a new malware or ransomware attack is making headlines on a regular basis. With mobile devices often being the target that allows cybercriminals access to corporate data, let’s take a look at the top mobility threats and what can be done to defend against them.

Top 10 Enterprise Mobility Security threats, according to BlackBerry:

  • Inadequate control over lost/stolen devices

When it comes to lost or stolen devices, make sure your procedures are clearly laid out and that your staff knows and understands exactly what to do. Find out if your IT department is able to do a remote wipe and make sure that every device is protected with passwords.

  • Poor security for IP leaving your network

Find out if your IT department has a way to control files after they have left the firewall. And you’ll also want protections in place against unauthorized printing and downloads. Protecting against email attachments that are sent out is another thing to keep in mind.

  • Users who don’t follow mobile policies

It’s vital to ensure that your staff members understand that unsecured, third-party app usage is risky. Training should be done regularly to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Rogue apps and malware

Get rogue apps and malware out of your life by ensuring that devices accessing your network have anti-virus or anti-malware features built-in. Detection software that alerts you when jailbroken devices try to access your network is key as well, along with automatically programming the next steps, which could save your bottom line or business as a whole.

  • Poor separation of work and personal content and apps

Controlling app containerization on devices across various operating systems, location-tracking apps and something to prevent data leakage can be beneficial in this area.

  • Limited protection for data at rest and in transit

Data that’s resting or in transit should be encrypted and app data should be able to move without a third-party VPN.

  • Weak authentication

Implement multi-factor authentication instead of just single-factor and enable single sign-on for SaaS and cloud apps. And you’ll want to get an alert when an unauthorized device accesses your network so you can act right away.

  • Difficulty monitoring and managing the entire mobile fleet

Can you watch your mobile ecosystem in real time? And can you see your complete mobility landscape in a single dashboard? Being armed with these abilities will help you combat threats.

  • Challenges with compliance and flexibility (meeting the needs of all users)

If you can’t meet the requirements of your industry and are unable to offer tight security for those who need it, you may have trouble combatting threats.

  • Inconsistent security due to OS fragmentation

It’s important to know key information such as which endpoints and solutions are being used in your business. You’ll also want to consider deploying an identity and access management tool to help with authentication.

Use this information in an attempt to combat the top mobile threats and protect your corporate devices, data and networks.

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