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Mobility Management Books

Solutions Review has compiled a cross-section of the best selling books on the subject of Mobility Management. Below you will find a library of books from recognized experts in the field of Mobile Device Management covering topics ranging from BYOD to Mobile Device Security.

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Mobilized: An Insider’s Guide to the Business and Future of Connected Technology

SC Moatti, a Silicon Valley veteran who was an executive with Facebook, Trulia, and Nokia, gives businesses and professionals simple ways to thrive in this modern day “gold rush.” More than a book on technology, this is a book about human nature and what matters most to us.

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Mobile Strategy: How Your Company Can Win by Embracing Mobile Technologies

Mobile Strategy gives IT leaders the ability to transform their business by offering all the guidance they need to navigate this complex landscape, leverage its opportunities, and protect their investments along the way. IBM’s Dirk Nicol clearly explains key trends and issues across the entire mobile project lifecycle.

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Selecting Mobile Device Management Systems: Practical Functions, Tips and Checklist

The (e)book provides independent information about different features and functions supported in modern mobile device management systems, provides practical tips for decision makers what to consider when choosing a mobile device (and / or app) management system.

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Enterprise Mobility Suite Managing BYOD and Company-Owned Devices

Learn how to use Microsoft’s breakthrough Enterprise Mobility Suite to help securely manage all your BYOD and company-owned mobile devices: Windows, iOS, and Android.

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Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, and BYOD

This book is for people who have been tasked with “figuring out BYOD.” It’s for companies who have only dealt with BlackBerry and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) for years and want to know what’s next.

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Mobile Device Security For Dummies

Mobile devices have essentially replaced computers for corporate users who are on the go and there are millions of networks that have little to no security. This essential guide walks you through the steps for securing a network and building a bulletproof framework that will protect and support mobile devices in the enterprise.

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Mobile Device Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Your Information in a Moving World

Highlighting the risks inherent when mobilizing data, the text supplies a proven methodology for identifying, analyzing, and evaluating these risks. It examines the various methods used to store and transport mobile data and illustrates how the security of that data changes as it moves from place to place

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Enterprise Wireless Mobility Management

This book shows you, with information you need to collect, how you should process your carriers billings, improve mobility policies, eliminate unused lines/devices , optimize rate plans, improve management and mobility policies, and actively monitor spending

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Wireless And Mobile Device Security

Wireless and Mobile Device Security explores the evolution of wired networks to wireless networking and its impact on the corporate world. Using case studies and real-world events, it goes on to discuss risk assessments, threats, and vulnerabilities of wireless networks, as well as the security measures that should be put in place to mitigate breaches.

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Mobility Management in Cellular and IP Networks

This book is the outcome of the author’s continuous research to find the answers to questions related to mobility management, as well as the real-life experience gathered during the development and commercialization of various mobile devices.

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A Legal Guide to Enterprise Mobile Device Management

As workers use smart phones, tablets, and laptops for both their work and their personal lives, chief information officers face the complex challenges of managing mobile devices in the business setting. This book examines key concepts, considerations, and issues in MDM-from business, legal, and technical perspectives.

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Mobile Computing Deployment and Management: Real World Skills for CompTIA Mobility+ Certification and Beyond

Robert J. Bartz guides IT and networking professionals through the fundamental and advanced concepts of mobile computing, providing the information and instruction necessary to get up to speed on current technology and best practices.

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