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2013: What it Means for MDM, MAM and EMM

Predictions for 2013 MDM BYOD Mobility

Predictions for 2013 MDM BYOD MobilityWith the close of 2012 right around the corner it is time to start looking at what 2013 will bring to the table in terms of enterprise mobility. There is now doubt that we saw huge growth in the mobile industry across the board. In a recent article they estimate that upwards of 800 million phones and tablets were purchased in 2012. One can be sure that this number will continue to rise moving into 2013, and CXOtoday sites Gartner as saying tablets will be a huge factor in that growth.

This consumerization of IT will lead to the continued growth of a trend we saw gaining speed in 2012, BYOD. With so many devices being sold and with those devices becoming such an integral part of the owners everyday lives it is to be expected that they begin to enter the workplace more often. Their capabilities and the productivity that they offer are things that not only the employee will continue to ask for, but we think that more executives and employers will want for their organizations as well.

So what do these few 2013 trends and predictions mean for mobile management and security within enterprise and for Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions? One big trend we believe to be coming in 2013 is convergence. In their current stand alone state one looks to control the device itself (MDM) and the other looks to control application access and usage (MAM) and there is not much interoperability between the two. This tends to leads IT department to have to pick between the two, otherwise costs of providing both begin to affect ROI on enterprise mobility initiatives. This convergence will lead to productivity and ease of use both for the end-user and the IT department tasked with managing the end devices. Cost efficiencies will also occur through this convergence.

In 2013 there will also be a realization that there needs to be much more of a focus on the development of comprehensive mobile strategies. With so many devices across so many platform all accessing network, connecting and working together trough various business processes there will need to be strong and enforces strategies and policies. To realize the full impact that a BYOD or enterprise mobility initiative can have on an organization one needs to manage, secure and regulate those device to ensure they are all working towards an organization’s overall goals and strategies.

Continue to check out Solutions Review for MDM as we approach 2013 for more trends we might see in the new year.

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