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5 Mobility Management Vendors to Watch in 2018

As mobile devices continue to grow in popularity and become more of a staple in the workplace, organizations across the globe are striving to implement the very best solution to manage them all. There are tons of providers in this space that may fit the needs of your business and it’s important to look at all of the options instead of just the big guys like VMWare, IBM, BlackBerry and others.

It’s also vital to understand how mobility management platforms vary. Does your business need mobile device management (MDM), unified endpoint management (UEM), enterprise mobility management (EMM) or something else? Once you have that figured out, it’s time to find the best vendor and solution for your business.

Here are five vendors to watch in 2018:

Amtel EMM

Amtel’s EMM solution is able to secure and centrally manage mobile devices and other endpoints including tablets, notebooks and more. The tool configures security profiles and policies, pushing them over the air. It also provisions company-owned devices, self-enroll BYOD devices and allows for policy changes at any time.

“A fully integrated solution can expand ROI by eliminating up to 40 percent of the enterprise’s mobile communications service expenses.  No other solutions provider integrates MDM, App Management, and Expense Management like Amtel by NetPlus Mobility in one easy to use, easy to implement, SaaS platorm,” the company’s website reported.

Hexnode MDM

The Hexnode MDM dashboard provides a user with total control over what’s happening on the mobile devices within an enterprise. It features quick stats widgets that show user key metrics and more. It also boasts summary panes so a user can access information regarding BYOD and compliance. Plus, an activity feed ensures a user is able to track stats on device enrollment, policy creations and compliance among other things.

“Hexnode MDM delivers a centralized hub to monitor and manage mobile devices across your enterprise. Whether it’s a handful of devices or even thousands of them, you can remotely take care of them from the MDM portal,” according to the vendor’s website. “Devices need not be connected to the corporate Wi-Fi, they can be anywhere in the world; you can still gather device information, push configuration settings, restrict device functionality, manage mobile applications, check and enforce compliance and even remotely lock and wipe devices. You can fetch the devices’ geographical location and pull up their location history as well.”

Ivanti Avalanche

The Ivanti Avalanche product is powered by Wavelink. This mobility management solution aims to “keep your workers and their devices at peak productivity,” according to the company’s website. Whether your business is trying to manage scanners, tablets or smartphones, Avalanche allows users to control critical mobile deployments while keeping them accessible and secure.

“Avalanche Enterprise Mobile Device Management manages some of the most demanding, high-profile supply chain mobility solutions in the world. So, we understand the pressure you’re under to maximize worker (and device) uptime,” the provider’s website stated.

Matrix42 UEM

Matrix42 Unified Endpoint Management features easy and scalable management for mobile, physical and hybrid end devices, along with your operating system, apps and configurations using a centralized interface. This tool boasts automatic selection of the right management console, lower costs per employee for the long term through user-based licensing, and secure access to company networks and corporate data.

“Using both a client lifecycle management (CLM) solution for managing desktops, notebooks, and servers, as well as an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution for managing mobile devices, remains the status quo in companies. However, these companies should be focusing on users, not on devices! In order to guarantee high employee productivity, you need simple and cost-efficient endpoint management, independent of the device type used, set up on a centralized console,” the vendor’s website reported.

Miradore MDM

Miradore offers a free MDM tool for an unlimited number of devices and all major mobile operating systems are supported. This solution allows a user to identify and configure devices. It’s also possible to secure devices with this tool by enforcing passcodes and encrypting along with wiping and locking. It features automated deployment of settings, such as email and WiFi, and that can be done remotely.

Miradore MDM is used by over 5,000 organizations in 140 countries, according to the company’s website, which also says that it’s clients experience 99.97 percent uptime after implementation. It’s important to note that you can upgrade to Miradore’s EMM or UEM tool, which both offer additional features.

“Miradore Online has made its way to Unified Endpoint Management by adding support to Windows 10 desktops and laptops,” the company’s website reported.

If you need more information on additional providers, we suggest taking a look at our Buyer’s Guide that’s full of vendor profiles and other valuable information to help you make the right choice for your business.

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