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5 Top Books on Mobility Management

Smartphones and other mobile devices have seen a constant uptick in popularity in recent years and that’s only predicted to grow. A mobility management tool is vital to your businesses success and while the internet, podcasts and videos are a great way to research this topic, books are still an important resource you should consider taking advantage of to expand your knowledge of the space.

Here are some top books that focus on mobility management, for those of you who still prefer them:

Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD (IT Best Practices - Microsoft Press)Enterprise Mobility with App Management, Office 365, and Threat Mitigation: Beyond BYOD

This book aims to help readers protect both corporate assets and employee privacy so staff members can work productively from any device. It teaches the reader how to use Microsoft Intune to manage apps, make the most of a mobile device management (MDM) solution, and defend on-prem resources with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

Enterprise Mobility Management: Everything you need to know about MDM, MAM, and BYOD

This book provides information on both MDM and MAM, as well as BYOD. With the many facets of EMM that are ever changing, the author filled the pages of this book with the newest techniques and trends. It touches on everything from app-wrapping to mobile file syncing. It claims to teach a reader how MDM really works and what its limitations are. It also highlights BYOD and dives into more detail on how to best manage it.  The author, Jack Madden, covers everything related to enterprise mobility management at and has published hundreds of articles related to EMM.

Mobile Device Management: Mobility Evaluation in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises 1st Edition

This 109-page book by Ing. Markus Pierer M.Sc. features the important basics of enterprise mobility management (EMM). Plus it covers the evolution of MDM, identifies problem areas in small to mid-sized businesses and more.


Mobile Computing Deployment and Management: Real World Skills for CompTIA Mobility+ Certification and Beyond 1st Edition

The book is reportedly the ultimate reference for MDM and mobile computing. The author takes IT and networking professionals through the basic and more advanced concepts of mobile computing. It offers best practices; info on current technology, mobile device policies and app management; certification tips; and more.

What makes it special are the hands-on exercises and examples of real issues you may run into on the job.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy & Solutions

This handbook is split into four major sections, that unfold in 13 chapters:

  • The Mobility Revolution
  • Enterprise Mobility in the Workplace
  • The Scope of Enterprise Mobility
  • Other Aspects of Enterprise Mobility

It features some real-world cases related to enterprise mobility, which aim to help the reader tackle their organization’s issues. It also explores MDM, BYOD and mobile security in detail.


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