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Is Android More Secure Than iOS?

There are several different phones and operating systems on the market today, but Android and iOS are the most popular. And while there’s always a risk when using a mobile device in the enterprise, Android is reportedly not as safe when it comes to malware, according to ComputerWorld.

Forrester Research reported that both Android and iOS make up about 94 percent of the mobile operating system space across the globe. Android was in the lead in 2016 with 73 percent of the market and is expected to hold that place this year.

Android-powered devices have seen an uptick in popularity in recent years, meaning companies should be prepared when it comes to breaches and other potential security issues that can arise, the industry research firm J. Gold Associates reported.

“The point is because Android is basically open source, anyone can look at what’s in Android. You can’t do that with iOS,” Jack Gold, principal analyst with J. Gold Associates, told ComputerWorld. “If you’re LG, for example, and you put out a phone with modification to the OS, and you didn’t do a good job with it, there’s a potential vulnerability. And, in this day and age, someone will find it.”

He went on to say that even when a developer makes a minor change on an app running on Android, it can still be an issue. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS features more restrictions for developers and the tech giant won’t give up its source code. Therefore, Apple’s mobile devices including iPhones don’t jailbreak as easily.

“And, because Apple controls the hardware and the software, they have the ability to impose tighter security,” Gold told ComputerWorld.

He went on to say, “The truth is, when Android gets attacked, it tends to be more vulnerable because there are more devises out there and more people also hear about it. Android also has a problem in that the latest version of Android OS is generally a small portion of the base of devices in the marketplace. So, when upgrades are issued, not everyone gets them. Whereas, when Apple upgrades, everyone gets it.”

So is Android more secure than iOS? We’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

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