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Beware of Dead Apps: How these Apps can Affect your EMM Solution

Dead Apps

Apps are downloaded constantly, but the amount of apps the average person uses regularly is about five. So what happens to the all of the other apps that people download that are only opened once? They are what we call “dead apps,” and they pose a significant danger to devices if they are not uninstalled properly.

When apps lose popularity and the developer decides to call it quits, they will no longer be updating that app. App stores are not obligated to take down or even warn users of dead apps. If it’s an app that the user engages with frequently, this is where serious problems can manifest.

Users may not be aware that certain apps are sitting on their device unused that have unsecured access to personal and corporate information. There are many reasons why apps can be revoked from an app store; some include copyright infringements and security issues discovered after the app was released to the app store.

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This also raises the issue of updates. Some apps no longer have updates available and that makes it easier for information to be stolen. Users who ignore app update push notifications thinking that they are annoying or not important are putting their information at serious risk.

Updates are much more than changing the layout. Most updates have important changes that users may not realize, like bug fixes, patched vulnerabilities or addressed security concerns. Refusing or forgetting to update apps is a surefire way to exponentially increase your risk data breaches or loss of information.

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