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Bridging the Gap Between Consumer and Enterprise Mobility


There is a thin line between consumer devices and enterprise tools. Between BYOD and the personal mobile lifestyle of users, it’s become almost natural for people to want to use their mobile device for everything, including email, research and production. It’s your responsibility as the employer to provide the tools needed for efficient, secure and adaptable environments and it seems like this environment is going to get more and more mobile as time goes on.

Due to technology, our lifestyles have changed in an unprecedented way very quickly. Not all companies have caught up or have even thought about catching up to what’s going on. This is a dangerous thing to ignore because for every company that does not adhere to these new work-life preferences, there is a company that does.

Everywhere we look theirs articles and posts about healthier lifestyles and how people should try and sit down as little as possible at work. This trend in attitude changes the way people want to work and the fact that they are all already armed with smart devices makes it easy for them to take these matters into their own hands. Most employees know how to set up their work preferences on their personal device and they will do it whether the IT department authorizes it or not. This leads to Shadow IT and employees unintentionally compromising your data because they are not offered a secure platform .

You owe it to yourself and your employees to offer them enterprise mobility management. Mobile technology needs to be handled differently than any other enterprise technology because it’s something everyone has a previous knowledge of and think they know everything about. There is power in word of mouth and when one employee tells another about a third party app that can be used for work, it spreads. You’ll eventually find your corporate data on apps that you have no control over.

Almost every enterprise mobility solution offers a BYOD solution that gives employees the ease and familiarity of using their personal device, along with the control you would need to ensure sensitive data is protected no matter what corrupt apps are downloaded of if the device is stolen.

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