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BYOD 2.0: A New Approach to Mobile Security and Management

BYOD 2 A New Approach to Mobile Security and Management

SOTI and LML Technologie have teamed up to bring you an interesting presentation on the evolution of BYOD from 1.0 to BYOD 2.0. The presentation is chock-full of information on BYOD adoption, trends, associated risks and the perception of BYOD from both the employee and employer.

They refer to BYOD 2.0 as the move away from a device centric approach to management forcing mutual sacrifices to be made by employers and employees towards a new app centric management focus. They quote Forbes as coining BYOD 2.0 as “The move away from either business or employee-owned centricity, and towards the intersection of the two.” With this new 2.0 approach SOTI and LML seem to be predicting a large surge in BYOD adoption. The presentation states that by 2016, organizations will spend over $300/employee/year on security, management and support of applications and devices. By 2017 they state that half of employers with actually require employees to supply their own devices.

Check out the full presentation for more information of BYOD, Generation Y’s impact on BYOD and mobile security, BYOD drivers and top trends SOTI and LML see in BYOD and Mobile Security.

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