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Could Integrating Mobile App Development into Your MDM Solution Fix Security Gaps?


From MDM, to EMM to BYOD there are so many things to consider that mobile app development (MAD) can sometimes take a back seat. Securing end-points and educating employees might be taking up more of your time, but what you need to realize is that MAD is a key component to MDM that cannot be ignored. Not taking advantage of this member of the mobile security family is like leaving on vacation without locking the door; it’s asking to get broken into.

What customized enterprise applications, you can not only secure the applications that your corporate data is being accessed, you can also improve the productivity of your employees by creating apps specific to their jobs. By developing apps, you now have control over where the data is being accessed and how it’s being accessed.

Developing your own enterprise mobile applications also decreases security threats from BYOD, giving you more control over the data on these devices since end-point control isn’t always as effective.

It’s easy to see that every business could use an enterprise app but the “why” can sometimes be a little harder to identify. Are you having issues with Shadow IT? Do you need to keep track of and better organize field employees? Do your employees need something to help them communicate better? Maybe you need all of these things, but narrowing down what you need the app to do is a necessary first step. Breaking your idea down to the basic “why” then adding on functions will make it much easier to build a functioning app. Trying to make the app do too many things out of the gate will cause you to lose much valued usability, rendering the app useless to your employees.

When looking into developing your own mobile apps there are two roads you can take, mobile applications development platforms and mobile application developers. Depending on how many apps you’re looking to develop and what your company will be using them for, will help you make the right choice when it comes to actual app development.

There are benefits of both and there isn’t wrong choice as long as you’re getting these apps out there for your employees to use. It’s important to consult your IT department before making any decisions because this will directly impact them. When choosing a platform, one of them will either be responsible for building and maintaining the apps. so it may require you to bring on a few extra employees and you’ll want to consult them on what platform and programming language they would like to work with. If you decide to hire an outside developer organizing your ideas with what your IT department can handle and suggestions they will have is a must before having a consultation with the developer.

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Mobile application development platforms are a great way to build and control your apps but it’s important that you are aware of how much work goes into this and if your IT department can sustain the commitment. There is so much more to an app than building it and releasing it especially apps with as high of security needs as enterprise apps. Apps are in a constant state of maintenance as more people use them and more features are added.

Having a developer on staff may be a good move especially if you already have apps or if you are planning on developing more apps in the future for both the enterprise and for your customers. Having a person on staff who can constantly monitor these apps might be a good thing.

However, if you’re new to app development, or you don’t think that your company needs their own developer, hiring a development company is the right way to go. If money is the deciding factor on whether you choose a developer or a platform, a developer will most likely end up being the lesser cost in the long run. When you hire the developer, you only need to pay them when you need them instead of paying a full-time staff member. The developers also work with many different companies and will often have the latest and freshest ideas on how to make your app function at its highest capacity.

There are many functions an enterprise app can be used for but it mostly depends on what industry you are in. A retail enterprise will need a different kind of app than a hospital. Most developers will have experience in most enterprise fields, but it’s in your best interest to choose a developer who has a good track record in your specific industry to ensure that you app will function the way you want it to.

The only wrong decision to make when it comes to mobile app development is not considering it at all. Giving your employees specifically designed, usable apps will add a level of productivity and security that you may not have even known was possible. If you’re still on the fence, most companies offer a free consultation which can help you decide what you really need from the app and if it’s in your current budget.

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