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End-Users Hate Your Enterprise App, What Do You Do?

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The constant struggle of any IT department or developer is people complaining about how things are run. Especially when it comes to enterprise apps, employees will never be satisfied with what you’ve built even if it works flawlessly the first time you deploy it. You can’t exactly tell them to “shove it” but you can’t exactly take everything that they’re saying seriously.

The truth is, some of the feedback is actually helpful. If the app keeps crashing when someone keeps trying to check messages or some of the buttons are too close together, it helps to know that so when you update the app, those inconveniences can be ratified.

Then there’s the people who just want to tell you that your app sucks and don’t want to tell you why. When you ask for more feedback you get something along the lines of, “If I developed this app I would have done it differently.” Well, that’s great but it doesn’t help anyone, least of all you, the person who actually is in charge of maintaining and upgrading the app.

So where do you go from here? You’ve just released the new enterprise app that you’ve been working very hard on for God knows how long and people are complaining left and right. If you don’t have some kind of Mobile Application Performance Management (MAPM) solution to help you monitor the situation, it’s like typing blindfolded: It’s doable, but there’s bound to be mistakes. Why do that to yourself?

Say an employee has your enterprise app implemented on their BYOD device. They call in and complain that the amount of data their phone uses has tripled and they want to let you know that they refuse to pay for it. This is a problem very much worth looking into because if your app is really using that much data, it’s going to cost the company a ton of money, and you’re probably going to get an earful from upper management.  Instead of running around in a panic trying to fix something, it’s important to know what the problem actually is first. With an MAPM solution all you have to do it look and see that the employee has been streaming YouTube videos all day and that data spike has nothing to do with the enterprise app… nice try.

I think that it is greatly important to have all of your ducks in a row when it comes to mobile. People are touchy about mobile because it’s a much more personal experience than logging into your clunky corporate desktop. People live with their smartphones all but fused to their hands and are much more apt to complain and act like they know exactly what’s wrong with the device and try and tell you how to do your job.

Being able to manage exactly what is going on and why is more important than ever. With each employee potentially carrying more than one mobile device, you need to have performance stats at your fingertips in order to judge the validity of these complaints. Time is so valuable in these situations and being able to identify legitimate complaints against app development hubris will save you time, energy and headaches.

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