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Enterprise Mobility and the Varying Impact on Company Size

CompTIA Third Annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility Study for U.S. Companies

CompTIA Third Annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility Study for U.S. CompaniesWhile most will agree that enterprise mobility does have its benefits within organizations there is certainly no secret regarding the challenges and headaches that surround the trend as well. An interesting survey conducted by CompTIA reveals what some of the specific headaches are for companies across small, medium and large firms.

The survey which was conducted with 400 enterprises highlights that while there are certainly struggles for all, those struggles vary across the different sized firms. As always issues and concerns deal with mobile security, adoption and policy creation. Major issues around mobile security site 40% of companies saying technology needs to be improved with 35 percent have major issues in trying to manage security from a centralized location. The largest challenge in mobility adoption lies with 45% of companies saying they have the most trouble with the overall mobility skill level of “general staff”. While the survey highlights slow policy creation the number of organization focusing on mobile policy has increased over the last year with 30% of companies with formal policy in place and 37% currently building out their policies now.

So how are these concerns and struggles impacting the different types of enterprise? The survey indicates that for small firms integrating devices, remote support and balancing needs are the largest hold ups. For the medium sized firms it goes in order of balancing need, enforcing policy and integrating devices. Integrating devices and dealing with multiple OS support are the two major concerns for the large firms. No one is free of struggle when it comes to enterprise but it is interesting to see how different levels of organizations are impacted differently. One this however is clear despite these concerns. Mobility isn’t going anywhere with 58% of respondents siting improved employee connectivity and 55% reporting higher productivity due to enterprise mobility.

Click here to see more results from CompTIA’s Third Annual Trends in Enterprise Mobility Study for U.S. Companies.

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