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Enterprise Mobility Management and the 5 Key Components

Enterprise Mobility Management and the 5 Key Components

Enterprise Mobility Management and the 5 Key ComponentsAs enterprise mobility environments mature they inherently become more complex to manage and secure. As more and more smartphones and tablets access information through cloud services, business intelligence tools and email management will need to go beyond just the devices themselves and focus on applications, content and data as well.

A recent blog post from Pragati Chaplot Jain a Technical Writer with Fiberlink, now an IBM company, looks at the 5 components of the new approach to securing enterprise mobility that will encompass all of the focuses mentioned above, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). They break these 5 components down as follows, “Mobile Device Management, Mobile Collaboration, Mobile Application Management, Secure Containers, and Configuration Management Tools.”

Let’s take a quick look at a few of the features that each of these components bring to the table for a comprehensive EMM solution according to Fiberlink.

Mobile Device Management (MDM):

  1. Management of the office’s mobile device ecosystem
  2. Remote lock or wipe for lost or damaged devices

Mobile Collaboration:

  1. Facilitate collaboration between different user groups for effective decision making
  2. Enable end users to  edit content in a real time

Mobile Application Management (MAM):

  1. Monitor and evaluate their apps’ state of health
  2. Restrict apps that may introduce vulnerabilities or impede employee productivity

Secure Containers:

  1. Address employee privacy concerns by sandboxing enterprise communications in a container
  2. Shield enterprise apps and folders from personal apps and folders

Policy and Configuration Management:

  1. Push security controls to mobile devices
  2. Alert admins of any prohibited activity in their mobile ecosystem

Click here to read the full blog post from Fiberlink and to understand all the features of these 5 components of EMM.

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