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Enterprise Mobility: The Year in Review with Ovum & MaaS360 by Fiberlink

Enterprise Mobility The Year in Review with Ovum MaaS360 by Fiberlink

This is an interesting presentation put together by Fiberlink who offers their MaaS360 Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to organizations of all sizes who are trying to harness the power that enterprise mobility is bringing to the tables. It takes a look back on some of their 2014 predictions for enterprise mobility and tracks some of the market results to see how on the mark they were. The information and results were part of a partnership with Ovum, a research analyst firm, and with 2014 now winding down what better time to reflect on some of those predictions. Here is what they had to say about the presentation.

“Earlier this year, we teamed up with research analyst firm, Ovum, for a series of webinars and presentations aimed at identifying the must-watch trends in enterprise mobility that were likely to make the biggest impact on organizations, including:

– Employees increasingly using multiple devices at work and at home
– Businesses adopting “Mobile First” practices
– Mobile enterprise apps taking off

With 2014 almost in the books, we once again joined forces with Ovum analyst, Richard Absalom, to revisit our trends and look to the future of mobile in the enterprise.

Watch as we look back at our 2014 predictions, explore how fast the EMM market is maturing, and look into new ways businesses can transform their mobile working practices! ”

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