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Enterprises: Alert Your Employees of Major iOS 9 Error 53


A major iOS 9 killer, Error 53, is affecting iPhone 6 users everywhere. A flawed design in Apple’s latest iOS 9 update is not malware although users experiencing the result of this error certainly feel that way. All data including files, apps and photos are lost and irretrievable due to Error 53.

Error 53 is the message that appears when a user repairs their home button using any other service other than an official Apple technician. There are plenty of small businesses out there that will repair iPhones for a lesser cost than going to the Apple Store and many people take advantage of that opportunity, but now iPhone 6 users are finding out the hard way that this will brick their phone, rendering it a sleek $700 paperweight.

“I work for a company that repairs iPhones and we refurbish thousands of iPhone 6’s,” says a forum user. “We have tried everything under the sun to get around this error but it is simply not possible. If someone brings in an iPhone 6 for repair and the home button is damaged in any way, we tell them up front the phone is [irreparable] and we won’t take it.”

Users have not been made aware of this and according to an article published by The Guardian this morning, not many people outside the tech world even know about it at all. There have been mentions of it going back to June of last year, but it has only recently come to the surface with the most recent update, iOS 9.2.1. Unknowing users have been going into shops to fix their home buttons without being aware that all of their data will be gone by the time the pick it back up.

What makes this problem even greater is that the Error 53 feature itself is malfunctioning. Users who have a damaged home button but have managed to get by without getting it repaired have reported Error 53 messages after installing the latest update. People are not happy and Apple has yet to budge on the matter.

It’s very important to inform all iPhone 6 users of Error 53 because you could potentially lose a lot of corporate data if one of your employees wants to fix their broken home button. Not only is this error messing with people’s personal data and memories, but any corporate data stored on the phone is at risk of being lost.

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