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Google Unveils Basic Mobility Management for iOS Devices Without MDM Profiles

Google recently announced that they have a solution for enterprises who want to manage their iOS phones and tablets without a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile. The tech giant’s G Suite offers Basic Mobile Management (BMM), an agent less way to maintain control of iOS devices.

According to a recent blog post from Google, G Suite admins wanted their employees to use their own devices at work, but Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions need a profile or agent to mandate corporate policies. However, in order to protect their own privacy, employees were avoiding creating a profile and opting not to access corporate information at all.

So, Google stepped in with Basic Mobility Management in order to ease their employees’ concerns and make administrators happy. Google reported that BMM provides basic security on iOS devices and users never have to create a profile. It creates less work for admins, too. They no longer have to set up an Apple Push Certificate, or renew it.

BMM allows admins to lock a screen, wipe a corporate account from a device without clearing it in its entirety, as well as view, search through, and manage their device inventory. They can also enforce password strength by specifying the numbers of characters needed along with the expiration date for said password. Factory resets are also an option after a user has failed to login too many times.

“Another feature that Google’s new agent less MDM option supports is the ability for administrators to view all active devices on their domain. They can use the feature to search for devices that met a common set of rules, check for recent device activity or view general device information,” reported.

This may be the best choice for your organization, but those who need extra restrictions or app management should use Google’s Advanced Mobile Management option.

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