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A Great Guide for BYOD in Education and the Questions You Should Ask

Guide to BYOD in EducationWhile not a step-by-step outline to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) implementation BYOD: A Guide for Schools, which was published by Alberta Education, is meant to provide educational institution with information related to launching a BYOD program. The guide discusses the general use of technology in education, issues surrounding personally owned devices in schools, general knowledge and the questions school authorities should address when looking into BYOD possibilities.

Developed by representatives from Alberta Education, teams from 10 school authorities and representatives from other stakeholder groups policy, practices and planning are highlighted and presented to the reader. For those educational institutions trying to identify if a BYOD program is right for them, justifiable or even necessary this guide should act as a strong stepping stone arming you with some great examples and information in order to answer some of the following questions presented in the guide:

1. Policy

  • What value do personally owned devices bring to student learning?
  • What BYOD models are school authorities adopting?
  • What policies are needed to ensure high quality use?

2. Practices

  • Will students be ready to learn using personally owned devices? Will they be good digital citizens?
  • What pedagogies fully leverage personally owned devices for teach and learning? What types of professional development help teachers leverage such pedagogies?
  • How can digital content be used effectively through personally owned devices?
  • What infrastructure will be required to support student use of peronally owned devices?

3. Planning

  • What are the key school readiness indicators that ensure effectiveness of a BTID mobel?
  • What are the BYOD implications with the community?

Click here to read the entire report from Alberta Education.

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