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Making a Case for IT to Adopt Enterprise Mobility – Fiberlink MaaS360

Making a Case for IT to Adopt Enterprise Mobility – Fiberlink MaaS360

Even though we have seen a surge in enterprise mobility over the last few years it doesn’t mean that everyone in every organization is happily jumping in with both feet. The benefits of mobility have been proven, but so have the security threats that come with increased mobility For the IT departments tasked with securing enterprise data those threats can leave them a little reluctant in allowing greater access to corporate information through mobility and programs such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

For those end users pining to use their own devices or gain access to email and corporate data through mobile devices trying to convince a reluctant IT department to do so can be a struggle. A recent presentation and webinar from Fiberlink actually highlights a number of strategies that sales departments can use to push IT over that mobility hump. These strategies are not an attempt to hoodwink IT, but rather approaches that can be taken to highlight to importance of mobility in the sales sector.

Chris Corbert, Director of Sales, and Brian Adams, Sales Manager, of IBM MaaS360 who ran the webinar point to 3 areas of focus in order to get IT on board with mobility.

  1. Highlight how enterprise mobility management just is not that hard these days. With the popularity of the cloud these day onboarding mobile devices, setting policy and restriction can all be done remotely now.
  2. By providing a true mobile experience for sales and empowering them with all the tools they need they will be able to drive top line growth for the organization. If sales are able to increase productivity through mobile enhancement then everyone wins.
  3. Make it clear that mobility and access through mobile devices is simply going to happen no matter what. That is a promise, not a threat! You might as well get ahead of this from a security stand point.

Beyond these strategies the webinar outlines the current state of mobility and how mobile environments have matured and developed in the recent past. Check out the webinar above and also download our 2015 Mobile Device Management Buyers Guide to learn more about MaaS360 and other MDM options.

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