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Can’t We All Just Get Along? MDM and MAM Continue to Butt Heads

There is no argument that as the workplace becomes more mobile there is an increasing need to secure and manage the end devices allowing for anytime any where access. Two different approaches are claiming stake to the best in class approach to doing just that. Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM).

The consumerization of IT and BYOD have increased the diversity of technology and the customization of that technology, ultimately making it a bit more difficult to secure critical data as these devices enter the work place. CIO reports that “MDM zealots ridicule MAM as a glorified app catalog and a security sieve, while MAM proponents say MDM’s rigid and centralized control of all policies, user access, hardware/software and content sabotages the revolutionary benefits of enterprise mobility.”

So the apparent question is, what is most important to your organization? Is security the end all be all or is it to utilize the full scope of these new technologies to enhance your business processes? Do you have to pick one or the other? Can we all just get along? Let us know what you think.

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