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Predictions and the Evolutions of MDM from CentraStage

MDM Predictions Ian van Reenan CetraStage

MDM Predictions Ian van Reenan CetraStageCentraStage CIO/co-founder Ian van Reenan recently shared his predictions for mobile device management practices.  In the future, van Reenan forecasts a shift from device-focused management towards user-focused management that serves the individual. Van Reenan asks if the time has come to reevaluate data and device management practices.

Companies and individuals are constantly looking to have more secure data space available.  In addition to adequate data space, immediate access to data is also important.  “Data has never been more important to daily business operations and the volumes being handled are continuing to expand,” van Reenan writes.  Data is increasingly important in the daily business cycle.  Individuals and organizations require access to data at anytime from multiple devices to handle intellectual property and customer or personal data.

Van Reenan develops four concepts to consider for the future of transitioning mobile device management to more user-focused management:

1.  High-quality MDM strategies help organizations when transitioning to more sophisticated mobile computing and communications environments.

2.  Organizations should view mobile devices as central components to their core device network.

3.  Organizations should treat mobile devices as another corporate endpoint in conjunction with desktops, laptops, and servers.

4. Organizations should study the benefits of utilizing a single device management system to ensure greater access and security to networks.

Van Reenan predicts a future with more user-focused management systems that better protects data and allows greater access to data.  “I see systems emerging that strike the right balance between asking CIOs to introduce ‘company rules’ and usage regulations and giving users the freedom to do what they want,” Van Reenan says.

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