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Runzheimer Report Shows Growing Firms Invest More in Mobile Employees

Runzheimer Total Employee Mobility Report 2013

Runzheimer Total Employee Mobility Report 2013Growing companies that have invested more in their mobile workforce are earning the benefits of this investment, according to a report released this fall.  The 8th Annual Runzheimer International Total Employee Mobility (TEM) 2012 Benchmarking Report was released on September 24.  The report, published by global workforce mobility program enterprise Runzheimer International, examines areas of employee mobility such as: business travel, business vehicles, domestic and international relocation programs, and Mobile Device Management (MDM).

The report reiterates an ongoing challenge for companies.  As the number of mobile employees continues to increase, what are the right tools to improve efficiency for mobile employees and how should the effectiveness of these tools be quantified?  The expansive report indicates that high growth enterprises employ a higher percentage of mobile employees than low growth enterprises.  High growth enterprises invested an average of $11,779 per mobile employee and low growth enterprises invested an average of $6,527.

“We’re pleased that the survey findings show that many companies recognize the need for and have implemented solid mobility management practices,” says Greg Harper, Runzheimer International President and CEO.

2012 TEM Key Findings

Growing firms are more likely to support mobile employees.  According to the TEM report, firms that had a 10 percent or greater increase in revenue also reported employing 7 percent more mobile employees than firms with small amounts or no growth reported.  Other key findings from the TEM Benchmarking Report include:

* 85 percent of respondents indicated “improved employee productivity” after implementing upgrades to their MDM programs.

* 67 percent of companies do not outsource their MDM program.

* Companies using outsourced mobile device services spend 47 percent less than companies who manage their program internally.

* 30 percent of companies expect to decrease the number of company-provided mobile devices, indicating a gradual shift towards more personal cell phone usage.

* Nearly 1/3rd of the participants surveyed indicated their workforce is mobile and this number is rapidly increasing.

Employees with mobile capability have tremendous access to information.  In order for companies to continue to increase revenues, adequately supplying their workforce with efficient mobile devices will be a necessity.  “Growing companies are investing more in mobile employees, and it is paying off.  This theme is consistent with prior survey findings, but it has never been as evident as in this year’s results,” Harper says.

For a more detailed look at the results of the 8th Annual TEM Report visit:

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