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Yes, You Must Secure Enterprise Mobility but Understand Why With Fiberlink MaaS360

MaaS360 MDM FiberlinkYou are constantly being told that you must secure your enterprises mobile devices. BYOD and mobility continue to grow, as does the number of access points for malicious attacks, data breaches and the lost of sensitive company data. We completely agree that it is important to understand that you MUST secure these devices and your network, but it is also important to understand why and what you are securing against. In an informative blog post from Fiberlink MaaS360 they outline top security issues and reasons as to WHY you must secure mobile devices in your enterprise.

The first security issue Fiberlink outlines is the proliferation of Tablets in the enterprise. With their convenience and functionality they are quickly replacing the laptop in companies, but with this new technology come new security risks. They suggest, “It is mandatory to deploy an inventory tool to keep tabs on your enterprise tablet population and its activity.” Secondly they suggest mobile applications as a major security concern. Applications are becoming instrumental in every day business processes, but with users easily being able to bypass patch updates that leaves the door open for malicious online activity and attacks. They recommend the use of enterprise app stores (EAS) or mobile application management solutions to better control and manage the use of applications in the enterprise.

As mobile devices of all sorts continue to enter the enterprise, and as they continue to be used for more and more business processes it is inevitable that the amount of company data on those devices will increase. Fiberlink reaffirms that data security should be a concern and a reason for IT to focus efforts on their mobile security. They recommend the use of encryption, remote wipe, lock and backup capabilities through the use of a mobile device management (MDM) solution. Read more on security issues and reasons to secure your mobile network and rest of the blog post here.

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