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Six Mobile IT Predictions from Ojas Rege, VP of MobileIron

2014 MDM Predictions MobileIron Ojas Rege

2014 MDM Predictions MobileIron Ojas RegeOjas Rege, VP of strategy at MobileIron recently outlined his six predictions for mobile IT services by financial services enterprises in 2014.  Rege expects that mobility will continue to expand.  Here is an overview of his six predictions:

1. “The Mobile Minority Will Become the Mobile Majority: Mobile will go from being a technology that touches only 15% of employees in an organization to being the platform of choice for the majority of FS workers.”

2. “Privacy Will Be the Top Chief Information Officer (CIO) Concern for BYOD Policies: Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) IT security policies designed to protect FS firms’ internal IT infrastructure are here to stay.”

3. “BYOD Will Catalyze the Rapid Migration Away From BlackBerry: For years, BlackBerry dominated the enterprise mobile phone market but its best days are now behind it as FS firms’ and others migrate towards Apple, Google or Microsoft mobile operating systems (OS).”

4. “Saying No to the Personal Cloud Will No Longer be an Option: Application blacklists will increasingly fail or cause unsustainable howls of protest in 2014 in my opinion.”

5. “Apple’s iOS will be Recognized as Most Secure Enterprise OS: The sandboxed architecture and management model of Apple’s iOS will make it the most secure operating system (OS) in the enterprise this year, following BlackBerry’s diminishing market share.”

6. “Barack Obama and David Cameron Will Migrate off BlackBerry: The highest profile BlackBerry users in the world will adopt a new device in 2014.”

For a closer look at Rege’s predictions for 2014, click here:

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