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The Top 3 Upcoming Enterprise Mobility Conferences you Should Know about and Consider Attending

The Top 3 Upcoming Enterprise Mobility Conferences you Should Know about and Consider Attending

The Top 3 Upcoming Enterprise Mobility Conferences you Should Know about and Consider AttendingThere is never a lack to events happening across the vast array of technology sectors, and this certainly applies to the enterprise mobility, mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) spaces. Technology events are where IT professionals can connect with their peers, where solution providers can get face time with potential buyers and where IT professionals can get a glimpse at all the new and innovative technologies impacting today’s enterprise.

Events hold other purposes that go beyond viewing, selling and purchasing software and hardware however. The best events are packed with knowledge and information around best practices, implementation practices and case studies from real thoughts leaders, analysts and IT professionals based on real world experiences. Especially in the case of enterprise mobility this type of knowledge is worth its weight in gold. Mobility has opened many doors in the enterprise allowing for great communication, work flow, productivity and employee satisfaction. At the same time however enterprise mobility increases the number of endpoints susceptible to attack, theft, data loss and other negative impacts on the enterprise.

With so many areas of possible failure a company’s mobile strategy, implantation and enforcement should never be taken lightly. Best practices should always be taken and IT should always be aware of the latest threats effecting enterprise mobility. As we said before; what better place to get your hands on and understand all the latest best practices and solutions than at the best enterprise mobility conferences out there? He here are a few that we have tracked over the years and ones that we think you should seriously consider attending in enterprise mobility is on your radar in 2015.

Over the course of four days, 2-5 March 2015, Mobile World Capital Barcelona will host the world’s greatest mobile event: Mobile World Congress. The mobile communications revolution is driving the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. As an industry, we are connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilising every device we use in our daily lives. In short, we’re on The Edge of Innovation, and the possibilities are endless. The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress will convene industry leaders, visionaries and innovators to explore the trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead.

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For the past 25 years Enterprise Connect, the industry’s premier event, has presented leading market and thought leaders, comprehensive analysis, in-depth technical sessions and the largest and broadest exhibition focused on systems, software, services, applications for enterprise communications and collaboration. Everything at the event is focused on one over-riding goal: To help you make the best decisions possible about migrating, designing and implementing the right communications and collaboration products, services, software and architecture for your enterprise.

M6 Mobility xChange is a unique event-and a uniquely valuable experience. As a prequalified attendee you will meet and learn from a virtual “who’s who” in wireless mobility.  You will have access to THE industry leaders and experts covering THE topics you need to hear about – all to help you make a better decision and deploy. To ensure the M6 Mobility xChange offers the highest degree of relevancy for attendees, only senior executives responsible for the mobile purchasing and implementation are invited.  This exclusive format allows you to connect with those peers whose insights you respect most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions.

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