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Unified Endpoint Management Tackles EMM, MDM in New Year


Enterprise Mobility and Mobile Device Management are typically the two solutions enterprises launch to keep their data secure, among other things. However, according to a new whitepaper from VMWare, Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) will be the way to go in 2017.

An MDM tool gives an organization the ability to connect their workers to basic corporate resources while an EMM tool uses secure mobile versions of vital business apps to keep information safe. But as companies get bombarded with more devices, different operating systems, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints, things will start to get a bit more complex.

According to VMWare, UEM is the solution that extends MDM and EMM capabilities. It hit the market as soon as Windows 10 was released and enables businesses to secure every endpoint and app from a single platform. VMWare offers AirWatch, which they say is the first platform of its kind to unite endpoints.

UEM offers a universal platform for managing all the devices and operating systems within an organization, giving end users the same experiences despite the type of device they use.

VMWare said, “It allows IT to control and personalize access to specific applications and content based on business processes and business roles, usage history, and context, regardless of whether the device itself is owned by the user or the company.”

This eliminates worry when it comes to launching Bring Your Own Device policies. It also connects endpoint management to the user instead of the device itself.

A UEM policy will also group the various processes an IT department’s staff has to study to support a growing inventory of devices and OS’s. Not to mention the simplification of service and automatic provisioning that come along with UEM.

UEM also has distinct rules, for example, new configurations can be pushed to devices on one specific network or in a certain building. It also consolidates management tools and reduces the need to track vendor agreements or products for updates given that everything goes through a unified platform, ultimately cutting costs.

“Organizations are spending an average of $7,000 per endpoint per year for a managed PC,” VMWare’s Vice President of Product Marketing Blake Brannon said. “By consolidating your endpoint management operations in a single, consistent platform, UEM can reduce that cost by 30 percent and in some cases more.”

There are other benefits to UEM, click here to read the entire whitepaper.

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