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Where Does Mobile Content Management Fit in EMM?


Out of the three biggest parts of enterprise mobility management (EMM), mobile content management (MCM) is probably the least touched on and considered the least important. That’s not true; MCM is part of what makes MDM and MAM work to make your EMM solution. So what is mobile content management and why is it so important?

Mobile content management is a system that stores and delivers content and services to mobile devices. It provides the secure access to corporate data on mobile devices and mainly deals with the actual storage of files and file sharing between employees. Traditionally MCM works closely with endpoint security, but with most EMM solutions moving toward cloud based storage it helps share files to a mobile friendly front end. It is also the part of an EMM solution that allows Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) to work successfully in a secure enterprise environment.

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MCM also takes charge of the identity and access management privileges IT has, making sure people are who they say they are when accessing important corporate data. MCM also is the gateway to better sharing among employees and allows enterprise apps to be productive while being secure.

A big issue in the enterprise mobile community is Shadow IT and the potential damage it can do to secure data. While it may not be fully avoidable (employees are going to access their files in  the most convenient way whether it’s authorized or not) MCM gives you that extra line of defense between a public cloud like Dropbox and the secure data that may be stored there.

MCM also handles security issues that can arise from social media sites and other sites employees might visit when they BYOD.

Apart from MDM moving from the actual solution to just part of an EMM solution, MCM has changed the most over the past few evolving years of enterprise mobile security, but has not lost its place as one of the most fundamental parts of an EMM solution.

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