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Windows 10 Mobile: 5 Resources for Easy Enterprise Implementation

Microsoft has made some huge steps with their enterprise mobile technology with the release of Windows 10. Companies like AirWatch have expressed their enthusiasm for Windows 10 entering into the enterprise mobile competitions that has so far been dominated by iOS and Android.

The main goal Microsoft has for Windows 10 is to give employees a smooth working experience when switching between devices throughout the day as they’re on the go. In stead of picking up a phone or tablet and loading all your separate details, you will be accessing the same user interface with all of your personal apps and folders no matter where you are or which one of your Windows 10 devices you’re using.

Here are five resources to give you a basic rundown of Windows 10 in Enterprise Mobile:

During this session, you will get a  look into Windows 10 for the Enterprise. Explore the new management capabilities and choices, understand the Windows 10 deployment infrastructure and mechanisms, and discover new Windows 10 features and improvements.

Join IBM MaaS360 product experts to hear the latest on Windows 10 developments for business, including steps to secure devices, apps and users as they begin to upgrade. Learn how you can take tiles to new productivity heights, while ensuring legacy systems remain managed for productivity and secured from the latest malware threats.

Windows 10 is the final destination for convergence with “One Windows across all devices”, adapting itself to the device form factor to provide the optimum capabilities and user experience. Windows 10 is available in preview today via the Insiders program. Visual Studio 2015 RC is available for download now. You can start building Universal Windows apps today and get ready for Windows 10.

Slides from the Intro session as part of the Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility section of the bootcamp.

Introduction to deploying windows 10 in the Enterprise.

Download Link to MDM Buyer's Guide

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