Best Speeches from 2017’s Monitorama PDX Conference

Monitorama 2018 is coming up in June. The event is already on its waiting list so make sure you sign up if you’re interested! Last year’s event had some great speeches, all of which are posted on Vimeo. Below I’ve embedded some of the best speeches from last year’s event. You can view the rest of the speeches here.

Alice Goldfuss

Twitter, selfies, and on-call server repairs? Alice’s speech is fun and filled with complaints about being on-call. “Alice Goldfuss is a systems sorceress and general hellion. She’s consulted on some books (Docker: Up & RunningEffective DevOps), presented at some conferences (SREcon, Velocity, Container Summit), and runs some others (LISA17, DevOps Days Portland). “

Paul Fisher

Paul’s speech revolves around managing logs with a serverless cloud. Something very useful for our increasingly serverless network environment. “Paul Fisher works on all things infrastructure related at Lyft, from monitoring software to the service provisioning stack. He tends toward work that lies at the intersection of systems programming and scale, having previously worked on systems at Twitter, UC Berkeley, Red Hat, and the FSF.”

Brandon Burton

Brandon discusses “monitoring in a world where you can’t “fix” most of your system’s errors.” “Brandon Burton is an engineering manager for Travis CI, who comes from a background in Systems Administration and Operations Engineering. His career has been focused on web operations, building scalable systems, automation, configuration management, cloud computing, and finding the best GIFs known to humankind.”

We encourage you to watch the rest of the speeches here.

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