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Cloudflare Announces Free Privacy Driven DNS Service,

Cloudflare Announces Free Privacy Driven DNS Service,

Cloudflare Announces Free Privacy Driven DNS Service,
Network monitoring does a lot to protect your network, but what can you do to protect yourself and your data? Cloudflare announces their free privacy-first consumer DNS service,

Cloudflare calls DNS the “phonebook of the Internet.” It translates domain names to IP addresses, thus allowing you to access the internet. There are two sides of DNS, the content side, and the consumer side. The biggest issue that has come of this system is the lack of privacy and its censorship.

The United States has chosen to monetize the lack of privacy. Last year, President Trump signed a bill that allows ISPs to sell browsing data without consumer approval. This bill went largely unnoticed and unfortunately didn’t draw outrage from Americans in the same way Net Neutrality has.

Speaking of Net Neutrality, censorship is a major concern for many Internet activist groups. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs will be able to censor content they don’t agree with. Cloudflare points out that using a DNS service helped when the government of Turkey blocked Twitter. Turks were able to get to Twitter with a DNS service, bypassing the censorship. works to embed privacy into your internet browsing. They won’t be keeping any of your browsing data, and they’ll be working to prevent ISPs from getting it as well. DNS was never designed with security or privacy in mind, as its unencrypted. Thus, it’s prone to leak data to people monitoring your network connection. It is technically harder for ISPs to monitor with the DNS resolver, so it’s a worthwhile measure to utilize.

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