Cloudflare Introduces Free Network Monitoring Tool for Mobile Applications

Cloudflare Introduces Free Network Monitoring Tool for Mobile Applications
Network monitoring solutions tend to gravitate towards bigger computing environments. Mobile app developers aren’t exactly left behind, but there hasn’t been a definitive tool for them to utilize in the network monitoring space. That’s why Cloudflare has introduced Cloudflare Mobile SDK, a free tool for mobile app developers to gain more insight into network performance problems for their applications.

Mobile applications are being relied on more than ever. There’s no denying that they crash consistently though. Developers need the insight into the crashes that aren’t reported by consumers. Most of the time, consumers report via bad reviews in app stores. Additionally, most app-users don’t know the cause of poor performance. Cloudflare Mobile SDK gives the developers analytics about performance problems.

The goal behind Cloudflare Mobile SDK is to help mobile app developers understand what poor network performance can do to their apps. This is an end-user driven tool that uses metrics to help developers identify what carriers, networks, and APIs are suffering the most. This kind of insight provides actionable measures to improve apps for any network environment.

The press release states, “Delivering consistent app performance requires focusing on every link in the chain: app code, network calls between the app and edge networks, and server infrastructure. There are a number of solutions that give developers analytics on their applications, but there has never been a way for app developers to understand how often their apps fail due to network errors.”

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