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Continuous Network Monitoring is the Best Solution for Stability

continuous network monitoring

continuous network monitoring
Networks are always growing in complexity. Before, a network would simply be comprised of some desktop computers and a few local area network servers. Today’s networks have laptops, IoT devices, smartphones, etc. Thus, servers are more intricate. As more devices become network dependent, there is an increase in the endpoints for data breaches and cyber attacks. The need for continuous network monitoring is more prevalent than ever.

Traditional security measures will not be enough to prevent modern cyber attacks. Many enterprises believe that they have the tools necessary to prevent an attack, but most do not. Simple tools are no longer enough, and network performance monitoring solutions are more important than ever. Detailed information is what you need to stay safe. Don’t force your team to be reactionary when attacks are so subtle and difficult to detect manually.

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Traditional methods are not enough

Data breaches and targeted cyber attacks are increasingly common. Many enterprises believe that they can survive with simple firewalls or antivirus software. Even the most heavily protected networks can be compromised by the wider array of endpoints. Updating endpoint security isn’t enough, considering cybercriminals are constantly adapting. Preventative technologies are meaningless, as threats are able to bypass most precautions.

There will always be a way to get in. Cybercriminals aren’t going to stop because of a firewall or antivirus. Financial gain motivates them. Giving your team the tools to fight back is the ideal way to operate. Think of it as a castle. The perimeter walls are effective at blocking a simple head-on attack, but an attacker will still find a way to enter. Although you might not fall for a trojan horse anymore, threats will always exist since every company holds valuable information.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous network monitoring is essential for fighting a cyber attack. Cybercriminals are more advanced than ever. Automated monitoring tools provide the intel you need. One of the many processes that make network monitoring so valuable is that it learns what normal user behavior is. Being able to recognize the difference between a cyber attack and normal behavior will allow your team to react proactively.

Continuous network monitoring could have prevented the Anthem medical data breach in 2015 using user-behavior analytics. The attackers submitted database queries remotely to obtain PII records, which is obviously abnormal. The compromised database in this attack contained up to 80 million customer records. Preventing this massive attack was not difficult.

Your company may not have information as valuable as medical data, but that’s no reason not to invest in network monitoring tools. Our free Network Monitoring Buyer’s Guide has information on which companies are a great fit for your business’ needs.

Network performance monitoring tools can have incredibly useful alerts to inform network administrators about potential attacks. Having the proper defense and knowledge about an attack is the only way to prevent it. Reactionary behavior is not adequate when attacks can be so subtle. Cybercriminals are able to go unnoticed unless you have the right tools in place. Network monitoring tools give you the insight you need to effectively combat a threat.

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