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Datadog Releases Live Process Monitoring For Infrastructures

This past week, Datadog, a provider of infrastructure technology (IT) and development operations (DevOps) monitoring services, released their Live Process monitoring solution. According to Datadog, Live Process can “explore, inspect, and monitor every process across an enterprise’s distributed infrastructure.” To build upon the release of their Live Container monitoring solution, system administrators can now dive deeper into each container or network to analyze and remedy any process-related problems.

Datadog created this solution to help with real-time processing when companies have to manage their infrastructure across a multitude of hosts. An abnormality in a network’s or container’s process tree can cause serious harm to data migration, network infrastructure, and host dependability. To help mitigate this blindness, Live Process enables system administrators to have a deeper level of oversight for open-ended debugging and inventory management. Network administrators can dive deep into the process level to see what’s causing data to be resource-constrained, what’s bringing down entire distributed services or hosts, and how to remedy these situations.

Users can look into various cloud deployment or data centers across a plethora of processes to find the cause of any aggregated problems. Live Process enables the usage of tags collected from cloud providers and provisioning systems, providing valuable information for process metrics. Not only can Live Process enable network oversight for administrators, but it can also give users visibility into container processes. Instead of being blind to what’s causing abnormal behavior in deeper process trees, users can now see the containers’ deeper process-level problems.

Besides container and network process visibility, Live Process also gives users oversight into which engineers and teams are running specific versions of programs. Managing these mixed environments can help reduce the rate of lost data that normally occurs due to incompatibility issues caused by the programs mixing together. Users can also identify what code is being used too, adding another layer of insight for administrators.

To read the full press release and introduction to Live Process, click here. To check out DataDog’s product features, click here.

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