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Study Finds DDoS Attacks are Easier Than Ever to Purchase

Study Finds DDoS Attacks are Easier Than Ever to Purchase

Study Finds DDoS Attacks are Easier Than Ever to PurchaseDDoS attacks are easier than ever to execute. As someone who enjoys PC games, I’ve seen plenty of people threaten each other with DDoS attacks. It might seem ridiculous, but it’s incredibly easy to execute. Cybercriminals offer DDoS services to anyone who will pay for it.

A recent report by cybersecurity company, Armor, went into detail regarding black market dark web offerings, including “cybercrime-as-a-service.” One of the services offered was, of course, DDoS attacks. They found that DDoS attacks can go for as low as $10 per hour or $200 per day. Armor surveyed over 1,000 organizations and found that 84% of them had dealt with at least one DDoS attack in the last year.

It wasn’t just DDoS attacks though. Armor found that passwords were available for $50. Remote access to a machine via RPM for three months for $35. The point is clear, being able to purchase damaging cyber attacks is easier than ever.

One way to notice these attacks is by utilizing network performance monitoring tools. These providers recognize irregular user behavior, so a compromised account will be snuffed out quickly. Additionally, they can recognize DDoS as they happen, allowing your team to prevent further damage. GitHub was recently down due to the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. ThousandEyes provided great insight into this attack, displaying the power of a network monitoring tool’s insight.

You can read more about preparing your network for potential DDoS attacks here.

For more tips on protecting yourself from cyber attacks, be sure to check out our endpoint security site.

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