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Dynatrace Isn’t The Sap With This Partnership

Digital performance management company Dynatrace has announced they’ve joined the SAP PartnerEdge Program to provide SAP partners and customers with an “innovative AI-powered, fully automated, full stack performance monitoring solution” for SAP’s cloud platform.

SAP, an enterprise software company, created the PartnershipEdge Program to promote enterprise solutions that help develop and maintain an IT’s software maintenance. With the addition of the Dynatrace solution into their program, applications on the SAP Cloud Platform now come provided with the capacity to, “monitor workloads with ease and fully optimize performance across hybrid and cloud-native environments,” as quoted by VP of Business Operations at Dynatrace Matthias Scharer. Scharer also believes that his company’s solution will provide customers’ IT with the necessity for digital performance management that can adapt to the complex hybrid IT-cloud systems today.

Due to the immense pressure that comes with constantly updating and supporting network performance, SAP Cloud Platform hopes to provide a versatile list of solutions that would allow businesses to “collect, manage, and leverage information of all types.” The Dynatrace solution would bring one comprehensive solution could provide efficient detection and remediation, continuous delivery analytics, and in-depth application monitoring to the Platform and its consumers. By integrating the solution with SAP’s Cloud Platform, which is a platform-as-a-service module (PaaS), customers can develop, run, and manage applications, but without the complex-buildup of software infrastructure that impedes application innovation and development.

In reality, the partnership between Dynatrace and SAP is beneficial due to the pressure of releasing innovative network monitoring solutions that efficiently supports software performance. But with the Platform’s addition of the newest solution, “the value of our innovation pack for SAP Cloud Platform to help optimize performance of apps based on SAP Cloud Platform” is extended to its consumers, helping application performance exceed expectations, as quoted by Senior Vice President and GM of HCP Partner Innovation at SAP Marc Geall.

To read the full press release, click here.

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