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Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 17; Alkira, Preamble, c/side, and More

Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 17

Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 17

The editors at Solutions Review have curated this list of the most noteworthy endpoint security and network monitoring news for the week of May 17. This curated list features endpoint security and network monitoring vendors such as Alkira, Preamble, c/side, and more.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant endpoint security and network monitoring news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last month in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy endpoint security and network monitoring news items.

Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 17

Alkira Raises $100 Million in Series C Funding

Alkira, a network infrastructure as-a-service provider, this week announced the closing of a $100 million Series C funding round, bringing the company’s total funding raised to date to $176 million. The round was led by Tiger Global Management, a leading global investment firm, with additional investment from Dallas Venture Capital, Geodesic Capital, LIAN Group and NextEquity Partners; and participation from existing investors, including, Kleiner Perkins, Koch Disruptive Technologies and Sequoia Capital. “The explosive growth of cloud applications and A.I. workloads are fueling a surge in demand for agile, secure, scalable cost-efficient networking solutions,” said Amir Khan, CEO at Alkira. “We’re fortunate to have strong partners to help us meet that demand while we accelerate growth, explore exciting new opportunities, and continue delivering exceptional value to our customers. Our talented team is the engine behind Alkira’s success, and we’re deeply grateful for their hard work and dedication in getting us to this point.”

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ManageEngine Launches SaaS Manager Plus Platform

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation and a leading provider of enterprise IT management solutions, this week announced the launch of SaaS Manager Plus, a SaaS management solution for enterprises. “While multi-Cloud and multi-SaaS strategies offer enormous benefits, inefficient use of cloud resources and spiraling costs could topple business operations. A disciplined FinOps approach could help, but most organizations struggle to align it well with their management practices across IT, Finance, Operations, etc. Saas Manager Plus brings one of the key FinOps components to ManageEngine, which continues to evolve into a platform, thereby addressing this challenge for our customers. This launch is a testament to our commitment to solving technology management problems end-to-end for enterprises,” said Rajesh Ganesan, president at ManageEngine.

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Preamble Selected by AFWERX for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Contract

Preamble, an AI security startup, announced it has been selected by AFWERX for a Phase 1 SBIR contract focused on safety and security guardrails for generative AI systems to address the most pressing challenges in the Department of the Air Force (DAF). “This initial contract and the opportunities it presents fulfill our founding mission while opening doors for deeper and broader relationships across the military and in the private sector. Through my former IT roles in the Air Force, our company has firsthand experience in recognizing what powerful yet practical solutions are needed as AI technology advances. We built the Preamble platform to be a flexible, scalable extension of traditional cyber safety, security, and risk management for an evolving AI environment,” said Jeremy McHugh, Preamble’s CEO and co-founder.

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Cofense Research: “Unmasking a Cyber-Attack that Targets Meta Business Accounts”

This week, Cofense has discovered a comprehensive toolkit enabling threat actors to create malicious links, verify if they are active threats, generate emails, and other additional tasks. As it stands, this campaign proficiently crafts phishing emails directed at users in 19 countries and across various languages. These emails, appearing to originate from Meta, claim that the account violated a policy or infringed on a copyright. Should this campaign succeed, followers of the compromised Facebook business account are likely to be at risk of additional, potentially targeted, attacks using unexpected attack vectors, such as malicious ad campaigns.

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c/side Emerges from Stealth with $1.7 Million in Funding

c/side, a browser security solutions provider, emerged from stealth this week with $1.7 million in funding. The pre-seed round was led by Scribble Ventures, with strategic individual investors including Roar Ventures, Kathy Korevec, Dan Scheinman, Jason Warner, Mike Taylor, Kevin Van Gundy, Zain Rizavi, Daniel Lopez, Dan Smith and Nick Gianos. The funding will be used to accelerate product development, partner programs, and go-to-market initiatives. “c/side is a pioneering cybersecurity company dedicated to securing the browser supply chain against zero-day attacks,” said Kevin Weil, Operator in Residence, Scribble Ventures. “The c/side team—with decades of web security expertise acquired at JP Morgan, Cloudflare, Vercel, and Microsoft—understands how big of a security and compliance challenge third-party scripts are, and what needs to be done to ensure browser security. We’re excited to support their growth and watch them revolutionize the web security industry.”

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Don’t Get Tunnel Vision about TunnelVision

People need to understand that the TunnelVision vulnerability isn’t as alarming as some reports suggest, mainly because its execution hinges on very particular circumstances. TunnelVision can’t be achieved remotely, and it only poses a threat to networks where physical hardware can be added, or network settings are tampered with. If you’re on a trusted network like your home, office, or a well-managed public Wi-Fi or using a cellular network, you’re safe from this. If you’re unsure if you can trust your network, your best defense is a kill switch that ensures your internet access is immediately cut off should your VPN connection be compromised. It’s like having a security guard on standby, ready to slam unauthorized doors. So, before you start hitting the panic button, remember this: TunnelVision isn’t signaling the end of VPN security; it’s simply another challenge in our ongoing battle against cyber threats. That’s why it pays to opt for premium VPN services that provide essential security features like a kill switch. As long as you’re taking the proper precautions, your VPN remains a reliable shield against online threats.

-Subbu Sthanu, Chief Commercial Officer at IPVanish

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