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Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 3; Island, Edgio, Lineaje, and More

Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 3

Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 3

The editors at Solutions Review have curated this list of the most noteworthy endpoint security and network monitoring news for the week of May 3. This curated list features endpoint security and network monitoring vendors such as Island, Edgio, Lineaje, and more.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant endpoint security and network monitoring news can be a time-consuming task. As a result, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the top headlines from the last month in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate vendor product news, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other noteworthy endpoint security and network monitoring news items.

Endpoint Security and Network Monitoring News for the Week of May 3

Island Secures $175M in Growth Funding; Company Valuation Doubles to $3 Billion

This week, Island, a leader in enterprise browsers, announced its $175 million Series D financing. The new funding round brings Island’s valuation to $3 billion, doubling the last valuation from less than a year ago. The round was led by new investor Coatue and existing investor Sequoia Capital, with additional funding from other existing investors. Island has raised $487 million in outside investment to date, including a strategic investment from Capital One Ventures, based on its unique value proposition and category momentum in the fast-growing enterprise browser market. Island pioneered the category with its product launch in February 2022, coming out of stealth after two years of technology development, led by co-founders Mike Fey (chief executive officer) and Dan Amiga (chief technology officer). Island has now gained significant traction with large and small enterprises across all major industries, including several Fortune 100 customers.

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SecurityBridge Announces Partnership with Taciti

SecurityBridge, a global provider of SAP security, has announced its team up with Taciti Consulting, an ERP transformation consulting firm based in the United States. According to the companies, the alliance aligns with the joint aim of both firms to “bolster SAP security through real-time threat monitoring and vulnerability management, helping to tackle complex SAP security challenges as organizations merge cloud-based solutions with existing on-site applications.” The partnership will see SecurityBridge and Taciti Consulting join forces to present in-depth SAP security solutions, enhancing risk management and safeguarding digital assets from rising threats.

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Edgio Launches Attack Surface Management Solution

Edgio, an edge security solutions provider, this week announced the launch of its Attack Surface Management (ASM) solution. ASM is designed to discover all web assets, provide full inventory of technologies, detect security exposures and manage exposure response across an organization from a centralized management interface. ASM, coupled with Edgio’s holistic web security solutions and managed security services provide potentially the industry’s first edge-enabled continuous web application threat management service. “Attackers’ skills are improving faster than those of most security organizations, especially with innovation in AI and LLMs, who often don’t understand they have 100s of public-facing domains and IPs creating an attack surface area that changes every day.” said Ajay Kapur, CTO & GM, Edgio Applications. “Edgio is proud to offer the industry’s first, edge enabled ASM solution that provides unparalleled visibility to threat exposures. This combined with our award-winning web application & API protection platform helps minimize risk from advanced persistent threats and improve operational efficiency for customers.”

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Appdome Unveils “World’s First” Agentless Mobile EDR & MTD

Appdome, a mobile app security solutions provider, this week announced Appdome MobileEDR, a new enterprise mobile app protection service that “consolidates Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capabilities into a single agentless product offering.” MobileEDR leverages the 300+ defenses of the Appdome platform and provides real-time mobile threat and attack detection, deep mobile device inspection and anywhere enforcement to keep enterprise networks and resources safe from malware, supply chain and other attacks. “We’ve built the first mobile EDR/MTD solution that addresses the reality of how organizations need to detect and respond to mobile threats in the enterprise,” said Tom Tovar, co-creator and CEO of Appdome. “SolarWinds taught all of us that malware on a mobile device can compromise an enterprise network and to protect the enterprise network, you need broad adoption and persistence in your mobile EDR/MTD solution. It does no good if it’s not used or it can be turned off.”

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Lineaje Unveils “First-of-its-Kind” Open-Source Manager for Software Supply Chain Security

Lineaje, a leader in continuous software supply chain security management, this week unveiled Open-Source Manager (OSM). The comprehensive, “first-of-its-kind” solution brings transparency to open-source software components in applications and proactively manages and mitigates associated risks. “As organizations continue to embrace open-source to drive high innovation and to accelerate development cycles, our software supply chain is effectively open-sourced. Open-source developers are typically great innovators but not-so-great maintainers of software,” said Javed Hasan, CEO & Co-Founder, Lineaje. “OSM is an automated open-source office in a box, extending an organization’s AppSec posture to open-source dependencies. It not only separates well-maintained and unmaintained open-source components but enables proactive mitigation of embedded open-source risks.”

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Insight Jam logoWatch this space each week as our editors will share upcoming events, new thought leadership, and the best resources from Insight Jam, Solutions Review’s enterprise tech community for business software pros. The goal? To help you gain a forward-thinking analysis and remain on-trend through expert advice, best practices, trends and predictions, and vendor-neutral software evaluation tools.


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Dr. Ilia Kolochenko sits down with Doug to discuss the significant impacts and future outlook of AI in cybersecurity, challenges in network security, AI’s misuse by cybercriminals, the evolving role of AI in enhancing cybersecurity tasks while preserving human expertise, and the implications of AI on job automation and intellectual property rights. Will AI render roles like paralegal obsolete, or are executive roles actually the ones in AI’s crosshairs?

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37 World Password Day Quotes from Industry Experts in 2024

As part of World Password Day (May 2) we called for the industry’s best and brightest in Identity and Access Management to share their World Password Day best practices, predictions for the future of passwords, hot takes, and personal anecdotes. The experts featured represent some of the top Cybersecurity solution providers with experience in these marketplaces, and each projection has been vetted for relevance and ability to add business value.

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IT Monitoring and SLA Compliance: A Match Made in Heaven

Martin Hodgson of Paessler AG introduces us to SLA Monitoring, which combines IT Monitoring and SLA Compliance. As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. And in 2024, knowledge has never been more critical for IT managers, who are expected to keep track of a myriad of different systems across increasingly complex environments. With yet another spate of high-profile cyber-attacks taking place in recent months – which saw students at Cambridge University lose internet access and streaming platform Roku experience a breach that impacted 500,000 of its accounts – it’s clear that businesses and institutions alike have no choice but to secure their systems. IT managers need to identify breaches to IT infrastructure, particularly those that will impact end-users, at speed, or they risk putting their customers at risk of both financial and reputational damage. However, it’s difficult to take a proactive approach to issue resolution without having a clear picture of what ‘normal’ looks like for your IT landscape. This is where SLAs (Service Level Agreements) come in. An SLA defines expected levels of service between a given service provider and a customer. Just like a business leader who delivers on KPIs (key performance indicators) to clients, SLAs enable IT managers to clearly communicate to their customers how service standards are being upheld.

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