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Enterprise Data from the Network Performance Monitoring Magic Quadrant

Enterprise Data from the Network Performance Monitoring Magic Quadrant

Enterprise Data from the Network Performance Monitoring Magic QuadrantGartner is one of the most respected names in market research for enterprise technologies. On this Network Monitoring site, we’ve covered the Magic Quadrants for Network Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring. One of the most important segments of these reports are the data regarding enterprise adoption of network performance monitoring tools.

It’s important to note where Gartner sees the industry going before delving into their contextual analysis. They believe the market will grow at a compound annual rate of 15.9%. They see this as a growing segment of the larger performance monitoring space. This includes application performance monitoring, IT infrastructure monitoring, artificial intelligence for IT operations platforms, and digital experience monitoring.

Monitoring tools will continue to grow in efficiency with the increased amount of data collected. Network monitoring tools have grown to include user performance analytics to catch issues before users can even complain. This market is perfect for technological advancement in the increasingly connected world.

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Market Growth

Gartner surveyed 152 respondents in this year’s Magic Quadrant. These respondents come directly from vendors listed in the Magic Quadrant.

Considering the market growth, it’s no surprise to see that 43% of respondents were planning on increasing network monitoring investment, while 50% didn’t want to change spending. It’s easy to recognize the benefits of network monitoring, and it’s promising to see enterprises interested in increasing spending.

Many network monitoring vendors offer additional services to go along with their standalone product. For example, Ipswitch’s WhatsUp Gold has add-ons to help you have a deeper understanding of your network. Some vendors offer VoIP monitoring and IoT monitoring at additional costs.

These enterprise clients are practicing solid methods of slow integration. See if the standalone is right for you, then add on later. Our free network monitoring buyer’s guide is a great tool to help you get started.

NetOps and SecOps

34% of respondents reported using their network monitoring solution for security analytics. Gartner mentions that a lot of vendors have pivoted towards security operations workflows.

Network monitoring is a great solution for managing any kind of network security flaw. This was displayed with the recent GitHub DDoS attack. Network monitoring vendor, ThousandEyes, went into extensive detail about this attack. They provided information on how to best optimize your network in defense. This was obviously specific to GitHub’s network demands; a personalized network monitoring solution would be able to help you against DDoS attacks.

Additional Takeaways

Gartner notes that one of the complaints regarding network monitoring solutions is the ease of use. This surprised me, as customization is a touted feature for network monitoring vendors. Gartner adds that normalization of UI and workflows across several vendors have shown progress. Thus, there should be easier to use solutions with increased normalization.

Existing support for monitoring cloud and hybrid IT environments remains limited, but this is increasingly appearing on vendor roadmaps. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers and, more specifically, Microsoft Azure have introduced their own NPMD solutions — in the latter case, in the form of Network Watcher, which is focused exclusively on network monitoring within the Azure environment.”


Download Link to Data Integration Buyers Guide

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