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ExtraHop Combats Security And Performance Issues With New Release

Source: ExtraHop

Earlier this week, ExtraHop released their new software ExtraHop 7.0, which hopes to make a splash with other real-time analytics and security solutions.

The ExtraHop 7.0 solution was developed, tested, and released in response to the evergrowing presence of performance and security issues. Despite IT professionals acknowledging that speed, scale, and functionality are priorities when it comes to developing their enterprises, they still cannot provide consistent performance and security for their customers. The 7.0 solution hopes to combat that by offering organizations the capacity to “accelerate remediation of performance and security issues by visually identifying and investigating anomalous behavior,” among its other features.

Some of the new features that come with the solution include live activity maps that deliver a complete visualization of your entire IT environment, security anomalies which detect and alerts suspicious behavior including network scans and data exfiltration, and it also comes with a rapid incident response and remediation software to help with performance and security. The solution also possesses the company’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption capabilities for their PFS which allows tighter network security. So instead of sacrificing security strength for productivity, ExtraHop hopes to show that their software provides both strong security and a productive network.

To CTO and co-founder Jesse Rothstein, his company’s solution is “empowering enterprise IT with the analytics, altering, and automation required to manage performance at scale and address today’s advanced threats.” If anything, ExtraHop’s goal is to provide IT departments throughout the workforce with the necessary network monitoring solution so that they can they can create productive, fast-paced products for their consumers.

To read the full press release, and to also watch a feature on the new solution, click here.

To experience a demon of the solution, click here.

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