Flowmon Networks Enters US Market, Bringing 100G Network Monitoring

Flowmon Networks Enters US Market, Bringing 100G Network Monitoring
Network Performance Monitoring company, Flowmon Networks, has decided to enter the US market. Flowmon was founded in the Czech Republic in 2007. Flowmon’s signature capability is their scalability. They are the first network performance monitoring vendor in the US to support 100G network environments. Bringing network monitoring capabilities to 100G networks is invaluable. It increases safety, and the willingness of companies to implement these networks.

Flowmon’s network monitoring solution offers network behavior anomaly detection. This tool allows network teams to detect unusual behavior by tracking how regular user behaves. It also monitors beyond traditional protection walls. Their products are highly scalable

Flowmon has found success in their European market, as well as in Japan. Adam Wright, their sales director for North America, states “With 500 customers in Europe and nearly 100 customers from the enterprise and telco segment in Japan, we are in a good position to enter the US market.”

The press release adds, “Flowmon helps internet service providers and enterprises to manage and secure their networks via advanced, flow-based network monitoring security technology utilizing machine learning.”

Gartner’s 2018 Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Magic Quadrant recognized Flowmon as a “niche player.” Gartner saw their cloud-centric data sources as a strength, considering the influx of companies moving to the cloud.

We encourage you to read the full press release here.

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