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Itential Announces Network Automation Integration with Red Hat Ansible

intential red hat ansible network automation

Itential Network Automation Red Hat Ansible

At AnsibleFest 2018, network automation solution provider, Itential, announced its integration with Red Hat Ansible Network Automation. The integration enables network engineering and IT operations teams to create network automation capabilities without writing code.

Red Hat Ansible Network Automation provides automating network configuration changes. Intential and Red Hat Ansible will use common APIs to so organizations can apply low-code methods for networking automation. Thus, teams accelerate movement toward software-driven network operations.

“Through the integration with Itential, we can extend Ansible automation deeper into organizations that may lack specific networking expertise,” said Justin Nemmers, general manager, Ansible, Red Hat. “Using Itential’s service orchestration capabilities with the powerful automation of Red Hat Ansible Tower helps to provide users an additional tool in automating within their organizations.”

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The Itential for Red Hat Ansible solution includes features that help enhance and expand Ansible’s network automation capabilities:

Network Automation Activities – Itential’s low-code development interface allow network engineers and operators to create and execute network automation use cases without writing code.

Build Network Intelligent Workflows – Leverage Ansible modules, roles and playbooks, along with Itential’s integrations and adapters, for network automation.

Expand Ansible Use Cases – Itential’s network automation capabilities enable organizations to expand the types of network changes automated with Ansible to include orchestration changes crossing multiple, diverse automation domains.

Discover Ansible Modules & Roles – Itential dynamically discovers Ansible modules, roles and other network configuration actions in your environment, making them available for use within network intelligent workflows.

Federate & Decorate Ansible Playbooks, Roles and Modules – Itential enables Ansible users to enhance their playbooks, roles and modules for easier consumption, and dynamically identifies and leverages both certified and custom developed Ansible automations.

Leverages Red Hat Ansible Tower – Itential’s enhanced network automation supports Ansible Tower’s single pane of glass across DevOps, App Dev and NetOps teams, including a visual dashboard, job scheduling, integrated notification and graphical inventory management.

Itential Ansible Modules – Itential’s Ansible modules mean Itential can be called from playbooks and Ansible Tower job templates. Itential modules for Ansible are available on

“We have seen network engineers embrace Red Hat Ansible Network Automation,” said Chris Wade, co-founder and CTO of Itential. “Now with the integration of Itential’s federated and network intelligent workflow builder with Ansible Network Automation, organizations have a more comprehensive set of technologies that can help accelerate their journey toward network automation.”

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