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LiveAction Acquires Reporting and Monitoring Vendor LivingObjects

IT network management provider LiveAction has recently acquired the vendor LivingObjects, another provider of network monitoring technology. LiveAction’s goal through the acquisition is to “expand its technology offerings to further support service providers and their enterprise customers.”

LivingObject’s flagship product is eye.lo, a Cisco IWAN reporting and monitoring solution. Eye.lo helps with application network management by enabling end-to-end monitoring, identifying issues between the network and the application. It can allocate network data across legacy and new generation networks to help fully integrate routing and optimization between user ends. It’s also a customizable platform that can fit the operational needs of a specific business strategy.

To further enable service provider support, LiveAction will be introducing a new Service Provider business unit made possible through the LivingObjects Acquisition called LiveSP (Service Provider). LiveSP is designed to be “a cloud-first, multi-tenant, highly scalable network performance monitoring platform specifically built to meet the demands of Service Providers.” The solution integrates eye.lo’s network data allocation, proprietary integration, embedded IWAN metrics, and customization capabilities to provide LiveAction clients with an all-new service provider solution.

Chief executive officer of LiveAction Walter Scott states that LiveSP’s release “continues our evolution of LiveAction’s technology portfolio,  and it will address a clearly emerging segment of the market.” The LiveSP solution is the brainchild of LiveAction and LivingObjects’ eye.lo solution, as the latter’s entire network monitoring team has joined the former’s Service Provider business unit. LiveSP will be joining LiveAction’s other notable NPM products, which includes their SD-Monitoring solution, their Application Infrastructure Monitoring solution, and their Network Data Analytics solution. The vendor’s choice to have over half a dozen NPM solutions stems from both company’s belief that “service providers must differentiate their product offerings to retain and acquire new customers,” says LivingObject’s CEO and founder Bertrand Le Marec. Despite the two companies’ confidence, only time and customer satisfaction will tell whether the merger will result in a “powerful and compelling platform for all enterprises.”

To check out LiveAction’s press release on the acquisition, click here. To check out LivingObjects’ eye.lo solution, click here. To check out LiveAction’s Network Performance Monitoring solution, click here.

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