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LiveAction Adds Machine Learning in Latest LiveNX Release

LiveAction Releases Latest Version of Network Monitoring Solution, LiveNX
LiveAction Releases Latest Version of Network Monitoring Solution, LiveNX

Source: LiveAction

California based network performance monitoring vendor, LiveAction, recently released an update to their network performance and analytics platform, LiveNX 7. LiveAction calls it their “most significant platform release yet.”

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from this update is the integration of machine learning. It’s called LiveInsight and it features the ability to learn the behavior of end users. This information is used to figure out what is “normal” for a network. Once it fully understands network trends, it uses its intricate insight to set up detailed alerts for unusual network behavior. It also allows network engineers to set up their own custom alerts.

LiveInsight also emphasizes the need to keep a “human-in-the-loop.” It utilizes the information it gathers to inform network engineers of abnormalities. LiveAction emphasizes the importance of “augmenting expertise” by allowing network engineers to be proactive about network changes. It provides real-time statistics, so engineers will always have the most relevant information. LiveInsight enables you to train the system to recognize what is important and what to prioritize and control. The software even makes recommendations to make this process easier.

Another significant addition to the LiveNX platform is the integration of the new LiveAgent module. LiveAgent is an end-point monitoring solution that extends visibility beyond network devices. Extending the perimeter of a network provides valuable insight. This information is gained by monitoring devices, services, virtual machines, and containers across the network.

LiveAction has wholeheartedly adopted the concept of intent-based networking. The simple idea behind intent-based networking is to bring together networking innovations like SDN, virtualization, machine learning, model-based APIs, and security. Bringing these together creates a closed-loop system capable of identifying, predicting, and responding to business needs. As networks continue to grow and evolve, businesses need greater control of their networks and LiveNX is utilizing intent-based networking to accomplish this.

This update also adds integration with various other services. LiveNX adds automation to the incident report and management process for ServiceNow. It added flexible deployment with AWS, allowing businesses to benefit from elastic cloud computing and storage environments. It also integrates with Cisco Identity Service Engine to provide identity connection, authentication, and query support to facilitate information with Cisco products supporting pxGrid.

We encourage you to read more about this release here.

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