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LogicMonitor Moving On Up With LM Cloud Solution

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SaaS-based, performance monitoring company LogicMonitor is trying to float about the competition, as the company introduced what they believe to be the total solution for cloud-services monitoring, the LM Cloud solution, yesterday.

Due to the trouble in making “the transition from on-premises to cloud-based infrastructure,” which can lead to “destabilizing gaps in visibility,” the LM Cloud was designed to provide “more control, reduced risk, and the ability to leverage the cloud with greater insights and confidence” for network managers, as quoted by President and CEO of LogicMonitor Kevin McGibben. LM Cloud is capable of supporting comprehensive monitoring for Azure and Amazon Web Services, so LogicMonitor hopes that their newest cloud-based solution will be able to provide “cloud-provider monitoring, resource performance monitoring, and detailed return-on-investment analysis.”

LM Cloud’s benefits are said to enable IT departments with the capacity to maximize resources while preventing decreased performance in applications or monitoring processes. The solution is said to include automated cloud discovery for monitoring purposes, oversight of a provider’s cloud deployment to its users, and enhanced visibility into both cloud and application performance.

The LM Cloud hopes to set itself as an example of what a next-generation, cloud-services monitoring system can accomplish for one’s IT department when it comes to application and program oversight. Due to the “rapid movement to the cloud among enterprises,” it’s believed that a “hybrid-ready, cloud agnostic monitoring solution” will help provide the best SaaS-monitoring system for IT-cloud hybrid environments, as quoted by VP of Research at 451 Research. LogicMonitor has the potential to be a part of that trend in providing better monitoring solutions in such enterprise-focused environments, but only time will tell if their product will put them above everyone else.

To read the full press release, click here. To learn more about the LM Cloud solution, click here.

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